10 android marshmallow features list

Google is too tend to sweep. And the continuation of the next version of Android, Google also has named a sweet dishes. CNN reports were being given the name of the next version of 10 android marshmallow features list.
The new version of Google’s popular Android operating system, Marshmallow developer version has been uncovered. The idea was, Android 5.0 [lollipops] version will be released after a 52. But the new version 6.0 of Android lovers with great surprise that Google obstacles. This new version has been added as well as new interesting features of the most popular features. The interesting feature of this version with 10 new tunes written for me today.
Android Marshmallow
Let’s see at a glance ‘Android Marshmallow‘ What are the new features 10 exciting?
• Tap the Google Now
 • Chrome Custom Tabs
• Special measures to preserve for a long time charges
 • Smart Finger Print support
• USB type ‘C’ support fast charging system
• App permissions system
 • Android Pay
• Direct shares
• New Boot Animation
 • Editing App drawer
• Tap the Google Now:
One of the features of the new version of the Android operating system marsamyalo ‘Google Now on Tap. Allowing the user to more easily get from Google Services. This feature allows the user to play the fastest time in the smartphone app allows you to search for the required information. The smartphone screen, touch and hold an empty place to be. Then, the feature can be found. Where you can search by typing or voice commands.
• Chrome Custom Tabs:
Android device is a lot of time clicking on a link in the app is the default browser on the phone or browsing the app was unveiled a wizard. Where you can select. Marsamyalo OSN instead of Android apps this feature for individual users to custom tabs in Chrome. Open an app where new individual links can be found without trouble. The phone will play an effective role in maintaining the momentum think that the creators of the Google operating system.
• Special measures to preserve for a long time charges:
Android-powered smartphone operating system is a big problem with the lack of charges. So the charge of solving problems smartphone Android OS makers, Google has added a special provision. The smartphone and the smartphone more than background applications running costs charge that Google is working with several errors. Thoroughly than previous versions of this system will be able to measure the battery system.
• Smart Finger Print support:
Producer already own a smartphone device, “Fingerprints or finger-lock ‘system has been added. The fingerprint system more secure and to use Smart Finger Print Google has added new features in this version. The Android OS powered the smartphone, fingerprint scanners can be used to finance the transaction. This new security feature will come with the phone’s lock system.
• USB type ‘C’ support fast charging system:
In order to charge the phone’s battery as well as the preservation of smartphones for a long time and have a good performance. With an eye on the subject of strengthening Google’s data transfer rate. The Android smartphone carbine marsamyalote quickly added “USB C system. Maikroiuesabi the previous three to five times more than the speed of the port will charge the smartphone. The smartphone will be helpful carbine easily. Phone via data cable, as well as to exchange information faster than ever before.
• App permissions system:
Google obstacles marshmallow more secure than at any time in the operating system is going to be. The search giant is coming up with a new app permission of the company. When an app installed on the device, you will receive information about the phone app, he will tell the user about the details. The app is divided into eight sections should be separate permissions system. App users of the system will be more secure.
 • Android Pay:
Many of the new features in Android OS Android marshmallow than lollipops. The smartphone will be added to the operating system created by Google App of the transaction, Android Pay. Android 4.4 operating system, which is the lowest [KitKat] can be used at a later time. The app is associated with the first version of Android 6.0 marshmallow.

• Direct shares:
Android marshmallow operating system files stored on the phone with one-click social easily, such as photos or music files can be shared with friends. As a result, users do not need to log on individual social.
• New Boot Animation:
I got off the phone with Android’s new operating system appears to open the boot animation. Where the four-color round tick until it becomes the Android logo was changed in several ways.
 • Editing App drawer:
Users of the new operating system and make it easier for users of the App Google has added features for editing, customizable App drawer. Where the user’s hands to touch apps can be arranged in separate categories. So important at the moment, but without hitting the various options available to the App.
Last word
“Marshmallow operating system has seen the first glimpses of the developers in May, a few days after the official announcement will be made. If you know the tune, or if you have a good follow-up is no problem, do not forget to let me through tenement. Any opinions, because you and me to be revised to encourage better quality tune. Thanks so much for reading all of the tune.

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