10 most important tips for whatsapp users

Tips for whatsapp :

1. The user of what’s app is increasing day by day. User can make voice call through instant messaging platform. About 800 million people using this app which is the possession of facebook. So it is necessary to know about its usage.
2. If you change your smart-phone then you will able to transfer your chatting history in new phone. Transfer chat history to the micro SD card. To do this menu>settings>chat setting>back up conversation then accomplish the process.
3. Last when your message is seen to understand this, see the chat window. If the chat window becomes blue then you can understand your message is seen.
4. What’s app can’t lock without IOS operating hell braking. But you can lock chat through android pin code. For this reason you can use messenger and chat blocks, app lock and smart app lock application.
5. You can use chrome browser through what’s app web. So from browser go to app web and scan QR code from menu. You can chat as like as mobile.
6. What’s app user doesn’t want to see photo in gallery. To stop this, then you should go to settings>privacy>photos.
7. Some group conversation is irritating. If you using IPHONE, go to group info screen from group chat option. There tap the mute button. In android press mute to open chat. From There withdraw the right symbol of show notification.
8. The best way to get the delete message is that install what’s app in new form. Then you must ask whether you restore messages. You can get the message by restoring.
Only for android you can prepare short cut daily. Just press the question button and select add conversation short cut.
9.  If you don’t want to know other when you last online in what’s app then go to your setting and stop this from privacy.
10. You can send personal message with big size. From new broadcast option of android menu you can prepare private message. For IOS tap the broadcast list of chat screen. Then tap the new list tap and send the message.

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