17 facebook posting tips and tricks for beginners

important tips about Facebook
Let’s know the best 17 facebook posting tips and tricks for beginners. Hope you know better using experience about facebook using.
  1. You may become Maximum 6000 group members.
  2. Add maximum 5000 friends.
  3. Like maximum 5000 pages.
  4. You can tag maximum 50 members in one picture.
  5. You can create chat group with maximum 150 members.
  6. There is no limitation in terms of like. But consecutively after seven minutes you will not block if you like continuously 40 pictures. You can do it all day long.
  7. There is limitation in terms of sending friend request. But it depends on the percentage of acceptance. Suppose you are sending 500 friend requests and those 500 friend requests have been accepted. Then there is no problem, again you are sending 50 friend requests but those 50 friend requests have been rejected. In this case you may block. But it is not meant that it must 100% and it can be 80%.
  8.  If you are blocked in terms of like, TUEMENT, message, request sending, and add friend in a group then to know about block duration go to setting> click support inbox of below left.
  9. If you want to keep anyone close friend list then go to timeline> see friend list>press ok in close friend box.
  10. From one id you can unlimited page role/manage.
  11. To change name before 60 days go to setting>general>name edit>learn more which is recognized by blue color in below> again learn more> let us know> write your name in the box. First and last name must write and it has no need to write middle name> reason for the change>legal name change> click the choose option and upload any photo and send it. Within 72 hours you will get name change option. Then you can change your name.
  12. To make page admin from mobile go to page> in the right side more> edit setting>page roles>add person to page>select name through search from box>set as admin> continue through Facebook password> that you click from those options select it and click add.
  13. To off auto video play from PC go to settings and privacy> videos in below the left side>auto play videos> it is default and press off. It can be done through mobile browser desktop view.
  14. After your death if you want to save you real id or giving it with inheritance go to setting>security>legacy contact in below> search the name and select.
  15. If you want to remove consecutively 10 tags go to timeline>view activity log> photos in below the left>photos of you>select 10 tags through ok. Then observe the upper of right side report>remove tags>I want the photos untagged>click untagged photos. It can be done through desktop view of mobile browser.
  16. Login your id from other pc or mobile but forget to log out. In this case anyone can trouble in your id. In this case to solve this go to settings>security>active sessions> press ok last accessed box and remove it after select. Then it becomes logout.
  17. For those settings desktop is needed that are installed through Mozilla and chrome browser and select request desktop site.
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