37 years punishment for inmates with facebook accounts

Prisoner’s Facebook using and the physical attack of the under duty officials are the same offense considered by the authority of USA South Carolina department of corrections. If any prisoner using Facebook in prison then the authority confines him solitary confinement. In prison if any prisoner creates an important offense then he will confine in solitary confinement.

In solitary confinement the prisoner can’t contact other without the prison officials. CNN says that the prisoner whose name is TAIHAM HENRY, the USA department of correction authority punishes him 37 years solitary confinement for 38 times post in facebook. Last three years post in facebook considered the opposition of rules and regulations of the prison and CNN says that the authority brings 432 complaints against the prisoner.

The chief of South Carolina department of corrections named brain p starling acknowledges that post to confine in the solitary confinement for posting social media considered “Feather heavy punishment for sin”. He also says that the amount of punishment will be decreased. He explains that this punishment has given to tackle new offense occurred by the prisoner using social media in prison.

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