7 tips for android phones with android phone features

At present most of the users prefer operating based android phone. If we see around us we can see the present status of android user. The user of android phone features is increasing day by day. It is not that other operating system based android phone is not used by us but the user of android phone is higher than the other phone.
The main cause is that user can get android phone with very minimum rate than other mobile phone. But the problem of android phone is that the speed of android phone is become slowly with the ease of time.
lag free android phone
• Update FIRMWARE of your smartphone: The updated FIRMWARE most of times remove the problem of lag. The term update means add something new than before. Through FIRMWARE update without smartphone the capability of other devices become increase. This change may not have seen by you but updated FIRMWARE is helpful to remove fault from your mobile.
• Reset your android phone: the term reset means replacement something or starting something newly and in terms of smart phone reset option is performed as the same. You are remembered that when you were purchasing smart phone then the operating of your phone was smooth. But with the ease of time your smartphone becomes lagging for storing various unnecessary files. In this case if you apply factory reset for your phone then all the will delete from smart phone and create smooth as same as before.  All files mean those files which are stored for your using. But in this case system file will not delete so after reset you will get a new smooth phone.
Caution: for factory reset the entire file will delete from your internal storage such as necessary contacts, SMS, calendar entry, memo and your usage applications. So before reset all files store in backup. Although using Google account contacts and calendar entry become synchronized.
• Check internal storage of your phone: you can feel lag after reducing the amount of memory. In this case sometimes games, apps, media files such as songs, videos etc which are stored in your internal memory transferred to external memory. But the internal storage of most of the low-and smart phone is become lower amount.
• You can use necessary app: you can install some necessary apps such as task killer from google play store.
1. For old smartphone you can use auto task killer application. It will help you to kill process of specific apps time to time and helps to free your arm. Usually free ram means smartphone will operate very fast.
2. You can use pure antivirus application. As like as computer, smartphone can also attack by various virus and malware and a pure virus will help you to detect virus and malware and through delete this virus increase speed of your phone.
3. You can use startup manager application. By this application during boot or restart of your phone you can determine which application will become active and which will become inactive.
4. Juice defender applications will support your battery without automatic start of your background applications.
5. Cache cleaner applications will help you to delete cache files from your mobile.
6. Apps to SD card is very important app. Through these the applications that you are installed in your internal storage can transfer external storage. As a result internal storage may become free and smart phone will perform fast. But remember that through this application all applications will not transfer external storage to transfer some applications of your mobile it is needed to root your phone.
7. Spare parts applications will help you to access some advanced level configuration such as transition animation control.
• Deleting unnecessary apps:  most of the time we installed unnecessary apps from smart phone but usually we can’t use this applications. It is necessary to delete such kind of apps. As a result the ram of smart phone become free and your smart phone is become lag free than before.
• Restart your smart phone: if we face any problem in our computer we will restart our computer. As a result all problems are removed from the computer. The case of smart phone is same as computer. Although it is a temporary option but it performs well.
• Root your smart phone: through root you will get some additional benefits and applying those benefits you can proper use of your smartphone. Although root processing is the risky solution but now phone root is easy through various sites of internet and forum and the amount of risk is before. Here I tell about risk because if you are failure during root then your mobile will become brick. Again although you are completing rooting process successfully then the warranty which is given with your mobile may become deplete. Here you can UNROOT your rooted android device. Here I can tell about the phone speed and rooting.
• Over clock: after rooting your device you can over clock the processor of your device and over clocked processor is working faster than the usual processor. So through over clock processor you can increase the speed of your phone.
• The usage of custom ROM: after rooting in your android device you can get the benefit of usage custom ROM. Although the usage of custom ROM is considered the advanced level and risky but it is easy to increase the speed of smartphone through using custom ROM. Because of in custom there has no unnecessary application and no application will not use the resource of ram and besides this for using custom ROM the bug of smartphone become fixed. But here I tell about risk because of sometimes custom ROMS will not stable and may create many problems.
• User can delete unnecessary app: in every smartphone various types of applications were pre-installed in stock ROM of smartphone that most of the users are not using. Through rooting your device you will get the administration power of your mobile and you can delete unnecessary apps that are installed in system.

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