8 blog design tips – which will be helpful to your client!

What do you do when your client to a future meeting to invite? What would you? Hair, clothes, shuffle, and put the cigarette? I say, “No”. You’ll never make it. Of course, you want your future with the client a good place to meet. 8 blog design tips – which will be helpful to your client!
You should smartly and business to discuss with him. Similarly, when a future client visits your blog, it may seem a lot of them in your office has invited you to the meeting. Now the question is, do you blog is designed to be a professional? Are you ready for business blogging?
8 basic blog layout design tips
If you are not ready, you lose a client every day! A client who has a lot of work you will be doing the search, but they see the status of your blog is to communicate with you. Because you like your office. The office cannot complete the job that interests you, how well you can suspect that the client! This is just one of the reasons you and your client to another friend, and not the difference between a freelancer. But what should you not understand? Through this poster 8 basic blog layout design tips that I get a client to implement the freelancer’s blog:
Only Sidebar
Many blogs are multiple (two, even three) can be seen in the sidebar. Remember, keep your sidebar exquisite goodness important would only see it in your client will hire you. That is the main content of your blog sidebar if more than one client can not find your future. As a result, you do not go with him contra!
The best and the ideal place for the right sidebar of the blog. Because, from the left side at the top of your blog readers to read your blog, and moves from left to right. So, the main contents of your blog should be at the name side. Many blog does not the side bar. It is not just because of the long line of readers for a blog post, which will fall to many boring! That’s a sidebar next to the posts of the newspaper.
Remove the extra widgets
This is the section of the sidebar widget in your sidebar Once setup. Blige saw a lot of, a lot of unnecessary widgets such as Twitter streams, recent comments, blogs, feeds, calendars, etc. are full of Sidebar. Doing so would be complete. You can place such unnecessary widget “Follow me on Twitter!” “Download this free report!” “Check out all my Facebook fans!” Can place the widget.
As a freelancer, you should always pay attention to your target. Because, when you buy something from there into your blog will call to you directly. If it is so, then we need to do something extra to play twelve blog interface?
At the beginning of the post-Image
If all things were discussed in the blog post with only the text for your blog, do not look too good. If you want to make your blog post interesting visual forms must be used for each of the images in the post list. The combination of text and image in a blog post and importance becomes interesting to the reader. Written all understand the need to use the image of the cases will greatly improve the appearance of your text. Comfort lets you give a lot of yourself.
Rustic navigation
Graphics menu too complex for any of a dozen short list and the reader is required to pay. If the drop-down list, as well as the more annoying then. Many of you may not under the lists are the most sb page. Many blogs have seen two or three navigation menu, which gives the reader further into confusion. The first priority will be to work to establish the most important links. No list of names of the item if they are smaller and less important shown that they appear as links in the sidebar reference or resource.
Few Blog without Ads
Many times you will have the chance to earn through advertising directly to your blog if your blog becomes popular. This is the source of your income as well as your client would create a lot about you. However, sometimes the placement of several advertisements may frown on your blog reader and client.
Maybe the best way of advertising – subpage, Sidebar and posting ads on the home page cannot have any kind of advertising. Is best to keep the ads. If you do not have any income or impressions of your ad, then it will give you much better results than the worst of the impact. If you do not need to keep it the ad-free blog.
Use large and clear fonts
The 1-pixel size of the font on your blog if you have 10 or 14 pixels, then raised it to increase said jake. If your blog readers read blogs more than ever to express interest. Pay attention to the size of the font style, a style that would be used to understand the difficulties your audience will. Bengali fonts as well as the blog “SolaimanLipi” or “SiyamRupali” and the English font “Tahoma”, “Arial”, “Ubuntu”, “Verdana” font to use. Open Sans font is very nice in English, can be used.
Blog “Hire Me!” Page Connect
If you own blog, “Hire Me!” No one will know, but you’re not connected to the pages of a professional freelancer. So your blog as a sign of professional “Hire Me!” Page to connect, so that no one can directly hire you. The reason is said if you do not separate these blogs physicians have a business site to meet your and only center for the client. “Hire Me!” Shout your job simpler, a big share of the company’s links to the site that you design yourself / have promoted. The scope of work to get a clear idea about the other client.
There again, if different physicians sites like your full contact information. Social media gets you out of his share of the profiles. Remember, your communication skills and a wide range of efficient database, your network will be more powerful, and you will enter the world of work lifetime!

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