A black hat hacker groups has been stolen one corers dollar

In the world’s various banks and from financial organization through the cyber-crime last two years about A black hat hacker groups has been stolen one corers dollar. The Russian organization Kaspersky who works with computer security tells about this. 
This organization says that to grab this group of blackhat hacker the Interpol, Europol and many other cooperative organizations have been worked altogether. This incident they considered as a unique Grambling. Kaspersky lab says that to disguise as a client of a bank the group of cyber-crime called “KARABARK” deposit a lot of money from the bank in various ways. This culprit is not only one country rather they are the citizen of various countries. Among these Europe, china, Russia and Ukraine are one of them.
blackhat hacker
At first, these blackhat hackers send a fake mail the officials of the various banks and financial organizations through which an automated software has been started the computer of the officials automatically. According to the hackers language it is called spire fizzing. After hacking the computer of the organizations they gather knowledge about the internal strategy of the organization. Then as a disguise of an official of those organizations they withdraw money. As a need to copy the voice of those officials they withdraw money from various banks and financial organizations. The hacker increase the balance of the specific client after withdraw money from the account of the client. Then after withdraw the extra money the clients see the precede balance. As a result it is difficult to recognize whether the account is hacking or not. As well as the group of hacker withdraw money from ATM booth to control this in various ways, as a result after a specific time from a specific booth-specific amount of money has been withdrawn automatically. Then the member of the hacker collects those money. The director of Interpol digital crime center SANJOY VIRAMANI says, “The culprits are very strong. They can hack any system in any time. We will try our level best to grab those”
Every year the world’s most famous banks and financial institutions has been victim the hacking. As a result they face a greater amount of loss and a negative impact falls in their firm because of the reluctance of the clients.

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