Adobe Dream Weaver CS4
WordPad, Notepad, web editing software, known as adobe dreamweaver cs4 tutorials for beginners. Word Pad and Notepad is to design web pages by entering the tag. It’s time-consuming, so it is difficult. The Dream Weaver no idea about the label can be made without a website. Here are three modes. Code, Split, and Design |
The only tag Code in writing, Split opens up two windows at the label and Design, Design can be seen in the window so that only the design is graphically designed.
Website Hosting with Free Domain Free domain website hosting some of the sites
Free website hosting facility is the local host sites above. Free sign up on any one of the above. This e-mail address on your Username, Password, URL access site, FTP Host will be sent an email with the address. It may take 1 day to get the mail. Definition of local sites during the Username, Password will use.
Local Site Definition: Dream Weaver of the Web pages created with the help of the hard disk is stored in a specific place. The menu Site> New Site command. A dialog box. Click the Advanced tab. The Site Name a name for the site (name not be published on the website). Local Root Folder in the hard disk or folder that you want to point it at the website. Default Images Folder set in the same location. Now the left pane, select the Remote Info (Remote Info is used to upload online website). Access = FTP, FTP host = the address where you want to upload to the website, Host directory = public_html, Login = username, Password, Use passive FTP, check the box on the Test> OK day. Note that the Web server can be the site Later Edit.
Upload Site: Dream Weaver connected to the Internet to upload directly to the site from the Files panel Put Files (s), click directly on the site will be uploaded to the web server.
Creating pages: The home page of the site definition to create the next job. For the creation of new pages from the menu File> New command. New document dialog box, from the left side of the category Blank Page> HTML> none is selected, click on the Create. File> Save command to save the page named index.html in the folder indicated in the site design. From this page you can create more pages. File> Save as the History.html, Resume.html choose the name of the page as you wish.
Saved pages: To save the Web page menu command File> Save. A dialog box appears type in the desired name to save the new local site. Design and layout of a website is the first paper to sketch the layout of the website (title, image, navigation buttons, text, etc. to determine where to put). The layout is the same on all pages of a website generally (such as the top of the title is in the middle, on the right side of the button to turn vertically or horizontally below the title). The layout of each page, separately, on paper, if it is a beautiful and a good website can be created quickly. All components of each page, such as images, on the button, text, etc. should be in a large table. According to the sketch Dream Weaver then we’ll create a full website.
Page layout: now with 3 rows and 3 columns to create a table. Table wide 100%. The three columns to select the top row, press the right mouse button Table> Merge Cells to select. Three of the column will become a column. Similarly, in the last row of the table by merging the three columns. To merge the two columns to the right of the middle row. This will create a page layout, page title or heading in the top row, left column of buttons on the bottom row and the middle row of the right side of the text can be written.
File Panel: This panel shows all files and content. If it does not meet the command Window> Files.
Properties Panel: Text or to change the properties of objects in this panel. If the panel does not appear in the properties from the menu command Window> Properties.
History panel: Web Designing Work History panel each time you record. History panel is not visible on the screen, from the menu Window> History, click on.
Assets panel: web design means a lot of templates, images, links, color, flash, and multi-multimedia shock web. There are a lot of Web site pages, images, databases, etc. movie. But it is scattered, difficult to publish the content. The Assets panel makes it easy to perform the difficult task. All the assets of your site can easily access this panel. To open the panel menu Windows> Assets click. The preview will be displayed with each of the assets. Site lists to refresh and re-creator: Assets panel Open for the first time in the list of assets to create the site. He added that out of the assets of which will be added to the list until it is refreshing. Assets panel to refresh the list by clicking the right mouse button to click Refresh site list. This means that the site will be re-creator of the list, all entries have been removed and new ones created.
Using the table: The web page of the table Insert command from the menu bar Insert> Table. A dialog will be called to the table, it is necessary to set Row and Column. Table Width = 600 Pixel, Border thickness = 1 day, if you do not want to keep the Border thickness = 0 days, Cell padding = 0 days, Cell spacing = 0, etc. Ok, the set. A table will be Creator.
Table properties: table after an insert page by using the Property Inspector table, row, all cells can be modified. All information can be found in the tables in this table Property inspector. These properties can be seen in the table below to select using the mouse. It contains the Table, Row, Columns, Width, Height, Cell Padding, Cell Spacing, Alignment, Border, Clear row heights, Clear column heights, Background color, Background Image.
From here you can change the background color of the whole table, or cannot use the color of the background image, you can change the border color.
Cell Properties: Each house is in the table cell. Each cell can be controlled separately. If the cursor is in a cell in the table below can be viewed in the properties of the cell. For each cell with different colors and different colors can be used for the border.

Add images: the image on the page that you want to insert the new local site will save you. The cursor where you want to add the image to the menu Insert> Image command. A dialog box appears; select the image and the image as well as the Alternate Text Ok, with a name that day.

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