Adobe photoshop text tutorials for beginners

Photoshop is image editing software. Digital painting of outstanding. The text of the general ideas about the use of such software is not enough to have the opportunity. For example, Adobe photoshop text tutorials. Photoshop is considered to be stronger than in the case of digital drawing. There could hardly move through the text, enter a title.
Photoshop is much different from that point of view. Just as spectacular is the title of a paragraph of text, as is the use of all the advantages.
Type the text tool from the toolbox to be selected for use. The type of tool to tool, the mouse pointer can be seen pressing 4. In addition to the tools vertically as well as mask tool. After being informed of the mask tool. Check out the options to select the type of tool. The phases of the font (typeface), font type (bold, italic, etc.), font size (large or small), alignment, font colors, etc. can be selected.
> Create a new document and start typing using white canvas and black colors.
> Press Enter to finish writing the keyboard, or click the tick option bar. 
There is always a special type of text in the text layer in Photoshop layer position. Whenever you type something that is not new, it will create a new layer.
Font changing:
Before you can change the font type, such as font, typeface, after writing etc. can change. Select the part which you want to change. Otherwise, the whole text layer will change.
> Select the text tool for any changes in writing, please click on the text. The text can be found in the edit mode and type is incorrect or the new text can be added if needed.
> To change the font typeface dropdown list, select the specific name. Or by the name of the font by clicking on the keyboard by pressing the up and down keys. The name changes will be seen in the preview.
> Menu character / paragraph to select other options as other text-based software can be found.
> From one place to another place, you can move the text layer in the same way as the other layer. Hold down the Control key on the text to remove the drug’s desired place.
Paragraph Text:
Another name floating text in a paragraph of text. Meaning of the text in the selected line at the end of the text goes to thenext line. 
Forced to drag a text box will appear, and the text in this box is limited.
Amplitude writing to bring the selected text in the options bar, select the Create Warped Text. Then select the preferred size from the drop-down box. Using the pen tool in Photoshop, like another path of the software used in the text.
Layer effects using:
Since the text itself, so drop shadow a layer, layer effects such as glow, etc. can be used. The menu Layer – Layer Style and select the desired effects.
Any kind of font you are using in another computer should have this font must. If not, another font will be used instead, as a result of defacement occur naturally. To avoid writing a bitmap, you can become it.
> Right-click on the text layer and select Rasterize Type. 
> Small text into a bitmap to show the broken walls.
Mask Tool:
 Mask tool to use on another layer. This will not create a new text layer. Using the Mask Tool with respect to the selection of type fonts can be found in the text instead. Using some type mask tool, then fill it with the color or pattern.

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