An enterprise ready for version ipad

We think that the convention of 9th September is the biggest event for An enterprise ready for version ipad. This convention will hold on the bill graham civic auditorium at SAN FRANSISCO. So we think that it is the biggest convention for the apple.  Apple never creates such kind of big convention in such kind of convention hall. 
So some whispering has been spread in the air for this convention. Two new models of IPHONE have been inaugurated in this event. Then we heard that apple TV set box and new wrist band had been inaugurated. But product based website of apple “nine to five Mac” claims that there will be announced for IPAD pro and the new version of IPAD mini.
IPAD pro
Technological based website the verge says that although next week it will be announced but it will come in market at November. But in October a pre-order registration will be occurred. On the other hand nine to five Mac says that this new version will be bigger than present IPAD as well as the specification will also be developed and high profile. In this model force touch based style will present. Cirri and notification will be performed without any fault.
With the world’s biggest giant, the Sysco and IBM enterprise which create a great relationship with the apple flash this news. But apple will not tell something about this. The customer wait eagerly when this two models will come in market. Because of the specification of these two models, we think that these two modals gain a valuable position of the market. Now it is time to see the price.

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