Android phone features and capabilities & advantages of android

At first you must do that the developer options of your mobile is opened. In some mobiles this option android phone features and capabilities is started before and some mobiles are not started this option. Those who have started this open they will it find at settings menu.
Those who have not started that means there is no developer options in setting menu they can start it through following system. First go to setting, then go to about and then click the build number and you can see that the developer options of your mobile have started.
• Enable and disabling USB debugging: through this system you can connect your mobile with PC. From computer, you can receive all backup files in your mobile. From pc you can root your mobile easily without losing warranty. From PC, you can install and uninstall app. As well as you can do anything.
The process of activate- go to settings>developer options>tick on the USB debugging check box.
• Create desktop backup password: when you are staring USB debugging then anyone can connect your mobile with PC. As a result your privacy may become damage or anyone can get your document. So to save from this you must start desktop password. Then without password no one can steal your document from your phone. Following this system to start this:
1. Settings>developer options
2. Tap on desktop backup password
3. Fill in the current password, then type and retype the new password for full backup.
• Tweak animations settings: when you drag your phone’s screen from one side to another side usually animation speed is determined but you can change it as your own way. Following this option to change this:
1. Go to settings>developer options
2. Scroll down and look for window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale.
• Enable MSAA for open GL games: it is one of my favorite features. Through turned on this option you can play all HD games as a HD mode. Usually this option is off all the mobiles because of save charge. But those who are like to play games I think this option is on for them. To open this following this system:
1. Go to settings>developer options.
2. Tap on force 4x MSAA to enable it.
• Allow mock location: at present when we are chatting with our friends with messenger and on our location option then our friends are know about our location. We can make our friend fool to use this option because of this setting show fake location and sometimes bouncing. In this case you can use some apps to make fool your friend and you can show that you are in London or you are in your friend’s house. Following this system to enable this:
1. Go to settings> developer options.
2. Look for allow mock location and tick on it to enable.
• Stay awake while charging: in usual condition the screen is off during charging. In this condition if you are on your screen then it will not perform properly that means screen is fluctuating. In this regard if you perform any task during the charging then following this system:
1. Go to settings>developer options
2. Tap on stay awake to tick it, thus enabling the feature.
• Display CPU usage overlay: if you on this option then you can see what is happened in your processor? Following this system to start this:
1. Head of settings> developer options
2. Tick to CPU usage to enable it.
• Don’t keep app activities: whatever you perform in your mobile it is stored as a cache file in your memory. As a result your memory is become full. But the benefit is what you performed in that app all information became stored and after that apps load is very quickly. You can remove all the cache files. Following this system to enable this:
1. Head of settings>developer options
2. Tick on don’t keep activities
3. You can off it anytime.
• Switch DALVIK to art: through this step apps and settings update very fast. It is the new step of Google. It will perform with KITKAT and next version. Following this system to start:
1. Head of settings>developer options
2. Tap on select runtime choose use art.
3. It will slow your device.
• Enable wireless display certifications:  it is the excellent setting. It is the setting through which you can see all things of your mobile in TV if you have Wi-Fi TV in your home. In a word, you can operate mobile in TV. To start this:
1. Go to settings> developer options
2. The look for wireless display certification and tick it. It will find in Samsung set.

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