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What is android?
Android is the operating system for Linux-based mobile and tablet PC that is made of c(core), c++ and programming language. If you are using computer then you must have needed operating system such as android technology information and android phones information windows 7, windows 8, windows 9, Linux and mac.
Android is such kind of operating system that is used for mobile phone and tablet. Without these some are mobile operating system such as java, apple IOS, Nokia Symbian, blackberry OS, and Microsoft windows phone. But at present android is very famous.
history of android
The history of android
Android incorporate was established in 2003, October at paul alto, California. The chief founder of this was andy Rubin and co-founder danger, as well as rich minor who was involved in wildfire communications, the co-founder of incorporated nick shares the ex-vice president of t-mobile and crisp white was the chief of interface and web tv design. Although all are engaged in various organization so android organization performs its task from hide organization and it was said that they work for only mobile software. In 2005, august googles purchases android.
Why is android famous?
Android is famous and familiar day by day and defeats other operating system. The main cause is android has friendly usage interface that means if you are making a java apps then for which mobile you made this will operate that mobile such as if you are making app for Nokia c3-00 then it will not support Nokia 5130. If it supports then the app size will not perfect. We will see that the left and right side change their place or any kinds of problem.but if you are making android app then it will support for all mobiles. As well as it is license-free operating system that’s why the Linux user is increasing day by day.
Which is android phone?
The mobile phone or tablet producing company uses android operating system for its mobile phone or tablet device is called android mobile or tablet, at present most of the mobile or tablet producing company use android operating system among them Samsung, dell, HTC, LG, Motorola, Toshiba etc.
Besides this
• Android is the combination of some software where operating system middleware and applications remain.
• In 2005, google purchases the primary developer of incorporated.
• Android operating system is made on the basis of Linux kernel.
• The members of free handset alliance control the development of android and its releasing in the market.
• The open source project of the android is work for android safety and security as well as future development.
• Android is the highest selling operating system at present world.
• There are many developers in the android who are engaged with producing application. In this regard, the acceptance of this operating system is increasing.
• Now the number of application of the android is 2,00,000.
• Android market is the largest application market which is operated by google, although these applications are downloaded from third-party site. The developer primarily used java programming language that google controls by java library.
• With the starting off open handset alliance, android provision is opened in 5th November 2007 where was 80 hardware, software, and telecom company.their main objective is to produce open ideal mobile platform. Google releases most of the code of the android under apache and open source.
• The software of android is produced on the basis of java application, it runs on the basis of Dalvik virtual machine. The library is written with programming language c that have surface manager, open core media framework, relational database management system, open GL ES 2.0 third range graphic API, WebKit layout engine, SGL GRAPHICS engine, SSL and bionic liboc. Android operating system is made on the combination of 12 million coding that have 3 million XML line, about 2.8 million c, line, 2.1 million java line, 1.75 c++ line.

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