Anti theft android is very effective during lost or theft the mobile

What is android device manager? 
It is service of Google. Going to the device manger site of Google, user can lock the phone remotely; setting tone reset the anti theft android phone and can see the location of his mobile through Google map.
How users can active device manager?
Necessary things-
• Turn on internet in user mobile.
• A Google id must login user mobile.
• The device manager must on in user mobile.
• The location service of phone must on.
• User can’t see phone location if he doesn’t open map but other tasks can be done. 
Which phone user will track at first the phone must be determined then through other phone or computer must login the Google id of the user by going to this site.
Performs that can be done through device manager:
• User can lock his mobile through changing password.
• Set his ringtone.
• User can reset his wipe.
• Identify the location of the phone. This system can effective if user always turn on his data connection. All the elements can erase after reset the phone.
What is Android mobile Anti theft?
It is the default offline security system feature of android phone. This system is very effective during lost or theft the mobile. This system is also active after reset the phone. This feature is not given all the android phones. This system is known to all but most of the users don’t know about this feature.
Android mobile Anti theft
How users active this system?
First user must go to settings>security> mobile anti-theft then give a password as your wish and note this password so that there is no possibility to forget this password. Then user will get the option of giving phone number. Then give one or two numbers.
Why this number?
Here user can save more than one number and that number in your mobile go to auto message if user changes his mobile SIM. So user must provide that number if the mobile set is theft or lost the set, you can talk by calling in terms of changed the number by the thief. Ensure that after reset the mobile all the important elements are remained. Here another system is given which is not given in all phones that is mobile can be locked by sending message.
In play store there are some apps where these features are present such as LOSTPHONE. In this app there are more features and pop-up message can be send through this app. There are such types of antivirus that can be found in this remote option.
All the numbers of your SIM copy in Google:
The main cause is that you can get all the numbers if your mobile set has been lost. If your contact numbers are in Google then you can restore all the numbers through login Google with other apps. 
Let’s see how to do it:
• First go to phone contacts.
• Then go to export/import from option.
• Then select your SIM from copy contacts and given next.
• Then go to copy contacts to and select Google email and press next button.
• Then you can get contacts list and press OK by selecting all.
• Then starting copy and finishing copy you can see copy contact successfully.

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