Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool – Activation Lock Bypass

In the past, there have been ways to achieve an activation lock bypass and apple iCloud activation lock removal tool. Unfortunately, these glitches would only allow someone to get inside facetime and find the previous owners email, not a 100% bypass.
The doulCi team successfully achieved an apple icloud activation lock removal tool.  Now the only bad thing was that their server was always down, they only had it up twice but over 20,000 people were able to free their devices. It wasn’t a permanent solution, but it did work. The device would go back to the activation screen if it was ever restored. Now all was good except one thing, Apple was hot on their tails. 7.1.2 was released as a major security patch where a LockScreen Bypass bug was squished as well as many other vulnerabilities.

Among the security patches, Apple officially patched the server-side exploit used by the doulCi team. What this means is that doulCi is no longer able to achieve a Activation Lock bypass using their previous method. So that’s it then, boom, done. With 1 software update apple patched the iOS 7 Activation Lock bypass. However that’s not completely the end.
doulCi, seemingly a team that came out of nowhere actually made history with 2 things. 1 is their Activaiton Lock bypass method (apple icloud activation lock removal tool) and the 2nd is their ability to downgrade firmware without SHSH blobs. As demonstrated in this video, iOS 7.1 was downgraded to 5.1.1 without any need for SHSH blobs. What was once thought to be completely impossible, was accomplished  by the doulCi team. So while their current method is patched, I have no doubt that another Activation Lock bypass will be found in the future. Using a downgrade to earlier firmware method, or even something new entirely. Don’t give up hope just yet, I’ll be sure to keep you guys all updated on the current status of the Activation Lock bypass!

Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool – New Activation Lock Bypass Found in 7.1.2 & 7.1.1

A new bug has been discovered in Apple’s latest 7.1.2 Firmware, allowing users to enter the Phone applications, make calls & see photos as well as contacts. While this is not a full access bug, it does allow for anyone to see potentially harmful information. If you purchased a iPhone that was already signed into iCloud, you restored and you were stuck on the Activation Lock menu, this video could potentially help you. In some cases, the phone number of the previous owner is left inside the contacts and could be used for contact purposes, of course considering that you did not steal the phone.
In the past, there have been several Activation Lock Bypass bugs that allowed a user to enter the iPhone & open up facetime, there you could potentially see the previous owners full email and contact them to help rectify the situation. Also, in a previous article, we discussed the doulCi team server that would completely accomplish apple icloud activation lock removal tool. Unfortunately this server Activation Lock Bypass method was shut down in the latest iOS 7.1.2 firmware and the future is bleak for doulCi.
This video showcases a method that very simply gives the user access into the phone application to make calls or see photos and contacts. In some cases, the old phone number of the previous owner could be there but is a very slim chance of that happening. I do hope this video can help you, let me know in the comments below if it did.

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