Are you safe in online?? Come, know and from now ensure your safety in online.

In our daily life science and technology plays an important role. The use of Personal cell phone and computer is increasing day by day as well as the user of internet is increasing. In this case in cyber crime is increasing such as fraud, hacking and spamming.


Most of the users feel insecure in online. When anyone connects with computer or mobile then the insecurity creates. But taking proper steps help to reduce this insecurity.

online security

General and email site: most of the users use free email service such as yahoo, hot mail and Gmail. There is highly possibility to hack that account. As a result, we may lose our necessary email. Again using this account hacker can perform many unsocial tasks. So for this reason follow some requirements.

a) Don’t use easy password. Most of the users use their name as a password.
b) Change the password regularly.
c) Log out from related site when you go to cyber café for browsing.
d) Through mobile number you can secure your gmail account. In this case, you must use 2-step verification option. You can enable this way- Go to account setting from profileClick 2-step verification. Give mobile number and click send code button. Now from Gmail, you must send a security code. Using this click verification option.Then start 2-step verification.

Social communication site: now most of the users store his/her personal information in social network site as well as sharing personal picture. If anyone can know about the password of that site, then the user may face trouble. Especially girls are careful about this. Some measures must be taken when using social network.
     a) To make friends anyone to collect whole information about him.
     b) To make foreign friend must ensure about his/ her profile.
     c) To keep aside from sharing picture.
     d) Log out in every time when you login email or Facebook.
     e) Sign out when you using school or cyber café.
     f) Be careful from using the ICT device of your friend.
   g) If you get any request to use application from anyone, don’t click this application.

At last, It is said that social network is very useful to keep communicate with other. In modern science and technology most of the users uses Facebook, e-mail, gmail, and hot mail.

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