Balance between personal and professional life

Most of the people busy with personal and professional life, job or other professions. In modern era the business people are very busy with work. A perfect plan is needed to decorate the work precisely. To decorate this work nicely your smartphone plays an important role. Here presenting about five applications that facilitate your professional life:
busyness people
Most of the people go abroad or new town for their business. It is difficult to create coordination among the trip and business work. This problem has been reduced by one application called “TRIPIT”. This software keep all information about your trip. This application performs all the tasks such as return ticket, arrival ticket, hotel ticket, hotel’s name and the room number of the hotel. This application also define your tour date.
> Wage:
It is very difficult to identify the correct place when the business man goes to the new town. This problem will be solved by one software called “wage”. This application helps you to recognize the road and show you in which is perfect for you to pass the traffic jam as well as ensure your presence in the meeting. Even to arrive your desire place this application also determine this how much time is needed.
> Expensify:
A bill must be prepared when the business people go for business tour. For all bill store a separate file and most of the time the document of the bill has been lost. Then the business people are unable to collect the bill. Most of the people face this bill related problem. The application called EXPENSIFY exculpate the business man from this problem. This application decorates all the bill documents when the businessman capture the photo of all bills. As well as this application also give you updated information about your total amount of the bill.
> Job compass:
Passing long time in one job and you may think to change this job. The application called job compass gives you this opportunity. This application will help you to find new job. Because in this application there are millions job news about 55 countries. From the various job provider sites, all information about the job is stored in this application so that the job seeker can easily find their desirable job.
For the business work the business man meet with various persons and must be stored the business card of those persons. If there is needed to meet any people, the card will help him to meet this person. But manually in card holder, specific number of cards have been stored. Then a lot of card holder is stored. As a result it creates very hazard situation. So to exculpate this hazard situation CAMCARD will help. This application keeps the electronic copy of all cards. This application will attach with the phone contacts. So if the new card has been attached then new name and phone number will also attach. To do this you must keep all the pictures of all cards.

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