Basic electronics definitions & examples of electronic devices

There is no way to surprise, smart TV can also perform as a spy. There are some technological devices of six organizations around us that is perform as a spy wake up from the bed to go to bed. Some basic electronics definitions organizations have already announced, “be careful in front of television, don’t tell some secretive”.
Again an embarrassing situation is that if you will not pay for your product then you must lose your personal information.  In 2010, there was a famous speech, “you were not buyer if you wouldn’t pay then you will become a product”.
·         Facebook like:
You can go to the page of any company, person, or brand and may click the like button and you can do it normally. But you may not know that this company can follow your activities as same as spy. This company also know which websites you are visited. There is no problem if you will not go the website of that company or person but they can know which websites you have already visited. Because of using this information this company gives advertisement for its product. So if the work is finished then log out from Facebook and it will very difficult to them to detect you.
·         Mobile phone location:
If you are the iPhone user then go to settings then privacy then location service, system service and frequent location and you can see those cities you have already visited. If you click the name of any city then you can see how many times you are visited that city? So that there is no cause for the android user for complacent. Google reserves huge amount of information about your visited place. This information is stored in a cloud server. Anyone can enter this server.
·         UBAR:
The app-based transportation company is called UBAR. This company provides taxi-cab service some countries of Asia, Europe and America. During visiting these cabs stored information about passenger. The main cause is to ensure the security for the passenger but most of time this principle is not maintained. So, in the foreign country tries to avoid UBAR.
·         Mobile phone network:
Mobile phone will communicate by using the symbolic sign which is called cell. In any populated area in a specific time and in the same range more than one cell may remain. The problem is occurred that time when in the same time all cell try to call. In this time your phone will attach to a special cell, where you are going this type of record is remained in your mobile phone. At least the name of that place where tower is situated. In this situation the solution is not to use cell phone. Although in reality it is impossible. You can get temporary benefit if you are opened the battery.
·         Exchangeable image format data:
In digital photograph which data recorded is called Exchangeable image format data. Here the photographer besides photo store focal length, APATCHER and so on. The professional also stores the address of communication, copyright and so on. Now EXIF data stores a lot of information. There is a possibility to know through GPS where the picture bring that you capture through smartphone or modern digital camera. In holiday that place you are visited although it is better to store, but unknown person who is the partner of your business can know everything. Most of the cameras have an option not to give any information about the picture location. In this site social media is go ahead. So during upload the photo in twitter or Facebook the big size information is deleted.
·         Face recognition:
Do you remember the tag suggestion option of face book? The social site can search your friend until the tag through scan your photo and advice you to whom you are tagged. In face book and twitter have the same option, for many years in the face of upload photo they are using facial recognition software. In 2012, September the face book authority was forced to disable the option through the reproach of Irish data reserve commissioner.

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