Designing network architecture is the framework of the network comprising of the hardware, software, communication protocols as well as mode of data transmission and connectivity between the components. It is very essential to have knowledge of network architecture as it plays an indispensable role in today’s world.


Networks can be classified into three main types:
      – Local Area Network (LAN), which extends over a local region less than 1km
     –  Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), which extends to distance less than 100km
      –Wide Area Network (WAN), this extends over a long distance.

Elements of Network Architecture

In the course of designing a network, there are 4 essential factors to be considered. 

    1. Capacity to tolerate faults: This is a popular component in the design of network architecture of the internet. What this means is that the network should still be able to function even if there are failovers. Duplications should be made for as cables, switches, servers and other components in the network.
    2. Quality of service: Quality of service allows the administrators to rank the services performed by the network as it performs different functions based on the data transmitted by the user. Users may transmit voice, videos and regular data like files. Voice and data should be given the highest priority while regular data should take the least.
    3. Level of security:  This is a vital factor to be considered in the design of a network. When transmitting private or sensitive data such as passwords, there is the need of encrypting the data so that it will not be intercepted during transmission until it gets to the destination. The hypertext transfer protocol is employed in securing data on the internet, being an open network.
    4. Expansibility: The network architecture should be scalable so that it can accommodate more users without having to build it again from the scratch. This explains why the internet is growing every day.

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