Basic knowledge of ms word and excel

ms word and excel 
What is Microsoft Word and various parts of Microsoft Word and their function? Let’s know basic knowledge of ms word and excel.
Title bar: The writing of Microsoft word bar in the highest point of windows is called title bar. Opening any file or to prepare any document, the name of the file or document will display in the title bar. The following button remains in left and right side of titlebar. These are:
  • Minimize button
  • Maximize button
  • Close button
  • Restore down button

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Menu Bar:
File    Edit   View   Insert   Format   Tools    Table       Window      Help
 The above bar is called menu bar. File, edit etc these words are all separate menu. Under the supervision of every menu remains command option. Menu will open through clicking mouse pointer or pressing alt key.
Standard toolbar: Displaying under the menu bar, different symbol based bar is called standard toolbar. By clicking standard tool button user can accomplish task with very short time.
Formatting toolbar: Displaying under the standard toolbar is called formatting toolbar. Here all the buttons are very important. By using this changing font, resize the font, italic, underline, alignment giving outline and other tasks can be performed.
Ruler: Displaying under the formatting toolbar a ruler is as like as scale. The ruler is very important to decorate the writing in a specific size.
Vertical and horizontal scroll bar: During working with big document at MS word, it is very difficult to see whole document. According to the necessary to show documentin the screen, the right side of the screen remains vertical scroll bar and at bottom horizontal scroll bar for.
Status bar: The various condition based description of windows remain under the windows is called status bar. The writing of the status bar is such as page, sec, consecutively page number, section number and line number.
Word: The combination of some characters is called word. But in terms of word processing from one space to another space is called word. From keyboard after preparing one word, another word can prepare through space bar.
Paragraph: Generally paragraph means the combination of various lines. But regarding computer paragraph means starting line by pressing enter key. After preparing one line user can start another line through pressing enter key and it will recognize as a second paragraph.
Document: Usually document means the description of any incident, issue or work that will not be damaged. Through word processor of the computer, the protected file is called document. Here every document can be saved as a separate file. Generally by writing or typing document can prepare. But a document can be prepared through picture or sound. Letter, bio-data, report, book, memo are all known as document.
The position of cursor in various place of document: To replace cursor in various place of document and to bring cursor in defined position four arrow symbol keys can be used.
Some shortcut command of MS:
Keyboard command
Keyboard command
Ctrl + s
Ctrl  + E
Central alignment
Ctrl +c
Ctrl + L
Left alignment
Ctrl +x
Ctrl +R
Right alignment
Ctrl+ V
Ctrl + J
Justify alignment
Ctrl+ Z
Ctrl +N
Open a new window
Ctrl+ Y
Ctrl + H
Ctrl+ P
Ctrl +F
To gather whole information about MS EXCEL that is very important for our daily life
Worksheet: Spreadsheet is divided into many lines through horizontally and vertically. When the spreadsheet is divided through vertical line is called column and the spreadsheet is divided through horizontal line is called row. In spreadsheet program the sheet which is made with row and column is called worksheet.
Row: The term row means the summation of some cells go through left to right side. Every row can recognize in terms of English as a 1, 2 and 3. In excel the number of row is 65,536.
Column: The term column means summation of some cells goes through upper to lower. Every column can recognize through English character such as A, B, C. the total number of column in excel is 256.
Cell: Every rectangular part of the cell is known as cell. The total number of cell in worksheet is 1, 67, and 77,216
The position of cell: The position of cell means where row and column is combined.
Range name: Besides worksheet combination of some rectangular cells is called range. The address of range may have:
The address of range= the first address of the range: the last address of the range.
Formula: The term formula means equation that calculates the value of worksheet. In a cell if we want to find numeric calculation of various cells then we will position the cursor in that cell = sign the numeric calculation of those cells that we want to find, writing those cells with formula.
Function: By using formula when we accomplish any task automatically is called function. In brief, Formula is known as function. Suppose we need to find the summation of cell d1, d2, d3, d4, d5 then we must write =sum (d1:d5) than writing d1 + d2 + d3 + d4 + d5.
Various types of function:
  • Database functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Financial functions
  • Logical functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Information functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Text functions
  • Lookup and reference functions
Statistical functions: This function has been used in finding summation, average, total numeric numbers, maximum and minimum.
  1. Sum: This mathematical formula can be used to find the summation of the numbers of specific cell. The function of sum:  = SUM (range) or SUM (list)
  2. Average: This mathematical formula can be used to find the average of the numbers of specific cell. The function of average : = AVERAGE (range) or AVERAGE (list)
  3. MAX: This mathematical formula can be used to determine the maximum number of the cell. The function of MAX: = MAX(range) or MAX (list)
  4. MIN:  This mathematical formula can be used to determine the minimum number of the cell. The function of MIN: = MIN (range) or MIN (list)
Mathematical function:
  1. Product function: This formula can be used to determine the product of the numbers of specific range of cells. The function of product: = PRODUCT (range) or PRODUCT (list)
  2. ABS function: This formula can be used to determine absolute value. Suppose in any cell = ABS (25) and enter then the cell feedbacks 25.
  3. SQRT function: The formula can be used to determine square. Suppose in any cell we write = SQRT (25) and it provides 5.
  4. MOD function: This formula can be used to determine remainder. The function of MOD: = MOD (number, divisor)
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