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Use of the software is slightly different from the other, and photoshop tutorials for beginners, how many people will begin to experience problems. Even after using the video tutorial or read a book where it seems as though something is missing. In this Photoshop, tutorial series is being published to help. The advantage of this tutorial on any questions the student can walk. The student can communicate with one another.
First, let’s get rid of some of the general discussion, the first question. Why not use Photoshop
What is Photoshop? Although you do not exactly have a rough sense of modesty. Even computers that do not use the caregiver. That tells you how much of its popularity. In other words, the world’s No. 1 software for image editing. This is clear as far as the words are even more clouded. Things to do image editing? Who is that? Why do I need it? Etc. etc.
The graphic design profession, is a job as a designer or work in Photoshop to make money by using advertising, leaflets, magazines, book covers, posters and all kinds of design work. Whatever is printed, it is shown on TV, anything, anything to keep the Internet is the place to do it in Photoshop. Video editing or animation of those who worked where the work is. 3D kinds of materials for use in model painting, special effects can be in Photoshop. Programmers, web designers took part in their photo in Photoshop. Photographers their images in Photoshop to decide.
If you do not need any of this seems to matter to the parlor. Cameras (or mobile phones) to remove the picture must have a hobby. And have noticed an expensive magazine photo of your picture is bright, not swagger. They are expensive, using the camera, despite having such a stereotypical view that is another thing to mention, the picture is not straight teeth. Work in Photoshop (or any of these software) is taken. 
Birthday or wedding feast-Christmas-Puza  self-made cards to pay. There’s no pictures or favorite, or move yourself to sit like a flower picture. You can use the best software.
And if you go to work for more as if the digital painting in Photoshop. Canvas pictures to remember their loved one who achieved fame. They use whatever is possible to use everything in Photoshop.
In a word, there is the image in Photoshop. Print, the web, multimedia, video everywhere. Photoshop all the best, the best that can be done, it is recommended that information immediately to another. Not very easy to use. Many of which can be found in the use of image editing software easier than Photoshop. Photoshop has been created for the professional. If you want to get the best results with the best software for some extra time, effort, talent must be spent. Photoshop is a professional wishing to try out year after year. If you refused to visit any of the software is recommended.
Which version will you use?
Currently, the latest version of Photoshop CS 5. You do not need the last version of the question-what will be the previous version. When the new version is more powerful computers means.
Who worked for the old version of the painting?
For example, using the world’s biggest comic creators marvel version 3 or 4. Asked known graphic designers know they are using an older version. In most cases, version 7. So you have to use the latest version that does not. It is also taking over the old version to the new versions are the reason. At last have access to, such as 5-D versions, many new special features including smart Phil. For even better performance, advanced graphics cards have access to the highest. This facility cannot be found in the old version.
Let’s make it easier. If it is possible to use the new version. If the computer is not powerful enough to harm the older versions. You can do all things necessary. Version 5.5 can be used in any later version.
What you need?
Photoshop works with Windows and Mac alike. Although this tutorial for Windows that allows you to effortlessly work on Macs. So, first you need a computer with Windows or Mac operating systems. The Photoshop software is installed.
The new version of Photoshop software is big enough. So powerful processor, sufficient memory, enough hard disk space available to them. If you are buying a new computer faster processor, more memory, larger monitors, graphics cards, etc. to focus on the good days. The need to optimize quality for the job. Drawing for the pressure sensitive graphic tablet the more beautiful it will be possible to optimize work. If you want to use images from the scanner to the paper. If you need to move the picture to the camera. Digital cameras are more convenient than film cameras. If everything is not mentioned, only Photoshop installed on the computer to start working out.

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