Beginners guide to wordpress website with tips & tricks

tips and tricks for wordpress
If you are asking a question which content management you have been used for your website then most of us will tell about WordPress. In this Beginners guide to wordpress website with tips & tricks true sense the features of WordPress are so friendly that, without any coding knowledge you can operate your own website.
The funny matter is that not only I but also most of us the 19% website of web world run through WordPress. The main attraction of WordPress is plugin architecture. Because there is no need to help developer for various plugin regarding site. As a result for development task there is no need for extra money and I can save money. But because of flexibility of WordPress, most of the time we became damage our website. For this reason we are not claim WordPress rather we are not maintain rules and regulations during using its feature. As a result our site may become hack as well as show bad performance. So financial loss has been occurred.
Here I discuss about some important issue that we are not maintain to operate our site. These are:
  • Username use as a admin in login: in WordPress it remains by default and if you do not change this then you must change this today. Because to enter your site through login hacker always login through that name. now if you are keep it by default then hacker think that it is a great opportunity to him to login in site as well as hacker will get an idea about the weakness of your site. So to login as a admin  you can use different name. as a result it is very difficult for the hacker to login.
  • Using plugin in extreme level: OMG! This plugin creates that performs, that plugin creates those performs , all of these things need for my site. In this process if you are starting to install all of the plugin then it will bring a great hazardous for your site. Using extreme level plugin is not good for your site such as: bug problem, security issue and bad performance of website. Without necessary it is better not to use plugin. Before install plugin, check the plugin review.
  •  Don’t use staging server: the staging server means one kind of test server which is called the replica of live server. Suppose you are going to install plugin for anything. Now you examine it through staging server which output it shows than before. But regarding reputed plugin it is unnecessary to think about replica. As well as the usage of test server not only for your plugin but also it can be used for website theme, layout etc.
  • Don’t use strong security key: if you are operate business with the help of website then you must careful about security. Th hackers are always ready to hack your site. So in this case you must use reputed managed hosting service or plugin so that the security of your WordPress may become strong.
  • Appear that the backup of your site performs : it is very foolish and never create this belief that you are providing the responsibility regarding backup of your site in that company, they will backup all of things. Even it may happened that they will not backup your site. Then it is very difficult to recover when important files have been damaged. So it is necessary to check it.
  • Don’t concern about website performance: the website loading speed is the main factor. It is not only plays an important role in google ranking but also helps to keep visitor. At present most of the visitors visit site through mobile. Now if the loading speed of your site is slow then the number of visitor for your site will bounce. As a result you are losing target visitor. So it is necessary to check the loading speed of your site. If you see that it takes 10 seconds or more to load home page then you can understand that your site is slowly loading. Try to keep loading speed within 5 seconds. To check site speed you can use web page test. Even it may occur that your homepage  super fast but for the image in your tunes, it takes time to load tune. In this case you may use cache plugin Such as w3 total cache and WP super cache are one of them.
  • Don’t try regular audit for site: maintaining all of the issues which I showed above you may think that your site is running in better position but it may different. So try to audit your site every day or try to audit overall issue of the site in one every 6 month. As a result you can examine following issues. These are:
Ø  The loading speed of site.
Ø  Strong security maintain.
Ø  The backup of the site.
Ø  Check the duplicate content.

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