Best antivirus needed for android security

I saw most of the android users who use various kinds of antivirus cause antivirus needed for android security. Again most of the users use more than one antivirus. May be they are very conscious about security. But those are not use this most of the time they became hesitation. Because of the general user and those who are known less about technology, they not only sought about security but also remain hesitation about the use of it. This blog is those for the users. I hope that you will get proper information from this blog.


What is antivirus for android?

To know about the antivirus needed for android security, we must know about the antivirus needed for android security. Before this we must know about virus. A virus is one kind of malware program that is hampered the general activities of our devices. The function of virus differs from virus to virus. For example most of the viruses have been used to damage other device or to capture other information or to do for malfunction. Although at present android operating system is very popular and many people use it so gradually it faces a great risk. At present sometimes we are getting news from tech site or newspaper about the malware of android and it is obvious from this news is that these malware is gradually fortified.


How do these malware enter into the device?

The main target of this malware is Google play store. Because most of the users install software from Google play store. But the security system of Google play store is very strong that’s why malware related application cannot penetrate Google play store. But penetrate this security system some malware enter into the play store and there number are very little. Without Google play store mainly we installed this application in our device such as third party app store. Without this email attachment even through SMS these malware enter into our device. Without these fake application, fishing games and so on.

antivirus for android

In the first step, I told you that the function of virus differs from virus to virus. In some case it is only pop up various ads which are not harmful for you. Others malware can capture the information of your credit card or imitate other applications of your device. Some malware that after some time send text one by one from your device which appeared not harmful for your device but gradually it creates a great hazard for you.

How can you know whether your device is affected or not?

The funny thing is that most of the time you don’t understand that your device is affected by virus. But yes, if you attach your credit card with smart phone and without any reason credit goes from your account then you must careful. Even you will not get better result to install antivirus in this issue. But the important issue is that we can easily solve the highly detrimental malware and if your smart phone get OTA or FOTA regularly then your device will become malware free.
antivirus for android

What is antivirus needed for android security?

The program which will help you to scan unusual program or something detrimental and detect and delete those programs is called antivirus program. From Google play store you will get more than 100 antivirus. Android operates also antivirus program how a computer operates antivirus program. But as like as computer antivirus, after detecting harmful behavior smart phone antivirus is not delete automatically. This perform must accomplish manually.

How cost for antivirus needed for android security?

It mainly depends on feature. In every antivirus program there are two variant such as paid and free. Through free version you can perform. Because free version is performed as like as paid version and only some extra features are attached with paid version such as remote lock and wipe, back-up option, add blocking etc.
Why don’t you install security app?
In a brief there is no need. So it is unwise to depend on security application and you must apply your common sense here. Considering some issues you can control malware 99%. Such as
  •   Install/download from Google play store.
  •   Though Google play store has malicious application so it is necessary to review this.
  •   During install any application go through what kinds of permission it wants from you, if it wants more app permission than permission then it must a harmful application.
  •   Keep yourself from using third party app store.
  •   Update your smart phone daily.
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