Benefits of word processing software | Best free word editor 

Word Processing Software or best free word editor allows you to use computers to create, edit, revise, store, and print documents. It enables the user to insert, delete, and move words easily, sentences, and paragraphs without ever using an eraser.

Word processing programs also offer a number of features for “dressing up” documents with variable margins, type sizes, and styles. The user can do all these manipulations on screen, before printing out hardcopy. 
word processing software

The Landing programs for IBM-style Windows computers are WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Ami Pro; for Macintoshes they are Word and MacWrite. Some word processing packages, including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Ami Pro, provide desktop publishing features that enable users to integrate, or combine, graphics and text on a professional-looking page. Compared to dedicated desktop publishing packages, word processing packages lack the case with which different elements in a document can be placed and rearranged. However, the line that differentiates word processing packages and desktop publishing packages is blurring.

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