Best landing page designs examples for lead generation

Do you want to get a profitable landing page? We sure you do! Then remember the next rule: your landing page should be unique, not similar to the main website! Create it carefully because the first and the only goal is best landing page designs examples for lead generation to attract as many signups as you can. If you do everything correctly, you will be satisfied with what you get.
By the way, you will have to spend some time to plan how to create a great landing page. I would like to share some must-have things to get a wow! landing page.

Clarify the target

Remember, if your ad targeting is inappropriate, visitors will be just your visitors: they’ll just look through your website and never sign up since they won’t have found any interesting stuff.
First of all, you should think like an ordinary user, that is, to imagine what can attract you and what can make you stay on the website. Be sure your ads make the right impression on the audience. This is the only way to get interested clients and boost your income.

Make your visitors read!
Headlines will help you here. Make them clear and simple to read. Make sure that your text will attract people. Don’t use slang since your goal is to get people’s attention, not make them confused, laugh, or call for any other kind of emotions. Remember that when reading headline visitors should want to know what is below as well. Put some intrigue 🙂 Please check how a good webpage should look by this url.

Once you’ve read a bright headline, you want to know what’s under it. Describe your product. Don’t hide anything, tell what you are offering, how it is helpful for clients. Think about clients, not about yourself. Tell about all advantages of your service. Focus client’s attention on what they want and how you can help them.

Use right images!
You will never know what attracts more – headlines or images. There are two groups of people: who read and who watch. Don’t divide them. Show what you want to both these categories. Don’t use too many words if you promote brands. It is more effective to show IPhone than to talk about it.

Put logo!
Forget about navigation bar. If you see it at the top of the page, delete it as soon as you can. If your designer tells that it is exactly what you need, give him the bum’s rush! You will never attract people with a help of navigation bar!  Add a logo instead. It will help you to build trust to your brand.

Show your participation!
Make a simple and cozy way to contact to you. Make your support visible. Also, it would be great to show comments of those whom you have already helped to. Please show how many people you’ve already helped and prove that your product is really what you tell about.

Make them act!
If you did everything correctly, including headlines and images, it’s time to think how to force your clients to buy your product. Order and purchase –  these words should emerge in clients’ imagination after they visit your landing page! This should be the final act that everybody wants to do. Build a page linked to your product or make a buy button. Make this call to action simple and clear, and clients will use this opportunity.

You must also remember that there is no limit to perfection. Don’t be afraid of experiments. Try to use different fonts, images, and headlines. Don’t be afraid to make changes if you see that the number of your signups haven’t increased. Who knows, maybe only extreme changes will bring you the biggest success.
If you have more ideas how to design a profitable landing page, please comment below to let me know. Feel free to do it!


Author Bio:

Brian Jens is a writer and a designer. Currently, he works at DesignContest – one of the best crowdsourcing design platforms. Brian is always on the crest of a wave since he constantly tracks the latest design trends and tendencies.

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