How to work the best open source graphic design software

Which would you rather read a list of numbers or the same information displayed as a graph or bar chart? Information is conveyed much more quickly, and retained and remembered longer, in graphic, or visual, form than in words or numbers. The best open source graphic design software enables users to produce many types of graphic creation, which come in two forms: Analytical graphics are basic graphical forms used to make numerical data easier to understand.

The most common analytical graphic forms are bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts- or a combination of these forms. The user can view such graphics on the screen (color or monochrome) or print them out. 
graphics design software

Whether viewed on a monitor or printed out, analytical graphics help make sales figures, economic trends, and the like easier to comprehend and analyze. Presentation graphics are graphics used to communicate or make a presentation of data to others, such as clients or supervisors, presentations may make use of analytical graphics, but they look much more sophisticated.They use different texturing patterns (speckled, solid, cross- hatched), color, and three- dimensionality. Examples of well- known graphics packages are Curtain Call, Freelance plus, Harvard Graphic, Hollywood, presentation, Microsoft powerpoint, and presentation Graphics. Some presentation graphics packages provide artwork (clip art) that can be electronically cut and   pasted into the graphics.

These programs also allow you to use electronic painting and drawing tools for creating lines, rectangles, and just about any other shape. Depending on the system’s capabilities, you can create multimedia presentations by adding text, animated sequences, and sound. (Multimedia software presentations are discussed in more detail in an upcoming section). With special equipment you can do graphic presentations on slides, transparencies, and videotape. With all these options the main problem may be simply restraining yourself.

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