best phone booster for android & speed android phone up

Most of the user use the smartphone and among them 70% users are using android. Although android is the Linux-based operating system so in the minimum rate we can use this operating system. A question may arise among us how we can increase the best phone booster for android & speed android phone up of our phone? My phone is getting slow day by day.
How we can improve the performance of android phone? Here giving you the solution through which you can increase your phone’s speed 30%-40%.
speed of android phone
• Know about device: at first you must know about your device Such as the model, processor speed, the amount of RAM etc. because of if you know that in one litter bottle you can’t keep two litter water so you can’t think to keep two litter water on that bottle. The performance and speed of the android device as same as this. Because of on the basis of your phone speed depends on not the version of your phone.
• Update version and system: update farm ware version of android for your mobile such as in the market running jelly bean version 4.2.2 but you are using version ICS 4.0. As a result your mobile is relatively slow than other version. So, update your android version. Before updating you must aware whether new update adapts in your phone or not.
• Deleting unnecessary app: the main cause to slow of your phone is storing unnecessary app. Because of most of user want to install and download the app. Sometimes we are using those apps. But these apps take specific place in your mobile. Most of the apps are running in background so the ram is using in a small amount. Suppose there are 5 such kinds of apps in your mobile. Now these 5 apps take 25 MB RAM from your mobile and it is unnecessary. As a result the speed of your phone is decreasing. So delete these apps now.
• Disable unnecessary apps:  suppose most of the time we are using Skype, NIMBUZZ, FRING, Facebook, twitter, VIBER, tango and what’s app. But these apps are running in background when you are opening these apps. So disable that app which is not required for you. Go to setting>app>running and you can see which apps are running. Suppose I am stopping the app which is taking 10MB RAM from my mobile.
• Update app: those apps we are using the version of those apps may come. That means which is needed to update. Most of us think that updating apps consume internet. But it is not right. App developers develop their in such a way that user can use it easily. As well as they add new features in their apps. So after some days user is getting updated version. So it is important for you to update your apps. For updating go to play store>option>my apps. There you will get the installed apps of your mobile and the updated version of the apps also will show.
• Using Pure SD CARD/ memory card: all of we are using memory card. Most of the users purchase low price memory card for their mobile. Here we create a great mistake. This type of memory card is slow speed and is not good for mobile. Apple’s Mac and the configuration of windows PC are very same but the speed of apple’s Mac is better than windows PC configuration. Because of Mac has been used in SSD (SOLID STATE DRIVE) and in windows PC has been used HDD (HARD DISK DRIVE). The speed of SSD which we used in MAC is greater than the HDD. So using pure SD CARD for your mobile.
• Widgets: another important issue is the usage of widgets. All of us decorate our home screen through widgets. But it is very crucial fact is that these widgets create slow performance for your mobile. Suppose your mobile has 500 MB RAM but the widgets which you are using in your mobile consume 200 MB RAM as well as android system needs 200 MB RAM. As a result after touching your mobile response after 5 seconds. So it is better for you to use widgets at a lower amount.
• Using of live wallpaper: most of us using live wallpaper for our mobile. Live wallpaper consumes a specific amount of memory from your mobile that is unnecessary. So it is better not to use live wallpaper.
• Keep off syncing:  another benefit for android mobile is syncing. Most of us using syncing. But it is better not to use syncing. Because of the internet connection of your mobile connecting 24 hours for this option and consumers device’s memory. As a result your device became slow and consumes internet data.
• Turn off animation: most of us are not using this option. But it is turned on by default. So let’s see how to turn off animation? To turn off this go to settings>developer options.

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