Best search engine optimization guide for seo staff

The sum of the number of steps in search engine optimization guide. That is, the first page of a Web search engine pages has many steps, you will be going. Because SEO is an ongoing process. Today, We will discuss some important aspects of search engine optimization.
best search engine optimization guide
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Domain Name


The domain name of a site to the first page of search engines play an important role. A good domain name can easily come up with the first page of your site. Therefore, with respect to the domain name of the site’s keywords and it is easy to both the search engines and visitors. You can see at this link to find good domain names. In addition, Google AdWords tool can take to assist in the selection of the domain name.
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Keyword
How many letters are keywords or phrases. For example; If you need to download e-books in Bengali, we Google “Bengali E-Book ‘,’ Bengali e-book download, it will search and then write down some words. Here’s our search, “Online E-Book ‘,’ Online e-book download:” The words are the keywords. On the basis of a keyword in the search engine ranking of a site. At the site of the first page of search engine keyword research, you first need to bring. Basically, on the basis of specific keywords on the first page of search engines is to bring the web page.
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Backlinks
A very important part of the SEO backlink off page. Website in the first page of a search engine backlink to the most important role. Even the greatest of backlinks to a website pages. So, as far as possible the importance of quality backlink day.
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Page loading time
Time to load pages of a website in search engine attaches great importance. In this case, the site is designed to keep the light on the site. As soon as the page is loaded. Do not use excessive JavaScript in pages. This also increases the page loading time. On the other hand, search engines cannot access hyperlinks in JavaScript.
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Hosting
Some of the less seriously. However, the security of the website for search engines is important. In this case, always use a good quality web hosting. On the other hand, it would be safe to your website will be good for your site’s ranking in search engines.
Search Engine Optimization Guide: Visitor
Visitors of the site’s ranking is based on the search engine site. How do visitors spend on the site that the search engine is looking for? However, to keep in good quality content to your site visitors spend a long time.

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