Best social media strategy examples to promote your business

Does a question arise in your mind that what is the best social media strategy examples to promote your business See too many jokes and funny pictures that help you get through your day? Doesn’t it feel like all the brands are tilting towards funny commercial pictures in their marketing to promote their business?

Well, there’s a reason for that, and the reason is that humor works. Humor is the subtle tool that will help you promote your business without the consumer getting the feeling that you are in their face. You can put your message across and make sure you tap into the consumer’s emotion and leave an imprint on their minds. Next time they need something that you’re selling, they will think of you. 
ways to promote your business on social media
Images are the best way to attract a user’s attention because let’s face it, not everyone likes reading long descriptions or show interest in what you have to say. These days, the best medium to share your funny photos are on social media sites and if you have a business to promote, you know there is nothing better than to show your consumer what you’re made of. But let’s face it, how many people will keep coming back to your site to read more about you or even see pictures of what you have to sell? That’s where the role of funny commercial photos comes in. The best way to entice your user is to captivate them by sharing content that will spike their interest. Humor and funny commercial pictures fit into that action plan perfectly.
Even businesses that we consider ‘high-end’ are inclining towards funny commercial pictures/content so that they deem reachable by all audiences. The audience they reach might not be their direct target customer, but through brand awareness they might share your product with someone who is. And there is no better way to stand out than to let loose some funny commercial pictures that will let your  business have a personality of it’s own that appeal to your consumers.
One such site that will help you embed funny commercial photos to promote your business on social platforms is Flickr. Flickr lets you embed funny commercial pictures on your blog or site without deviating the user back to it’s own site. If you do not host the actual funny commercial photo on your own business page, the embedded photo will help decrease your site’s loading time. You can also create a link to your page within the description of your funny commercial photo on Flickr which will help you steer some of the traffic from Flickr onto your own site. When you use one of these social media platforms with your business, you will also benefit from increased search engine indexing.

A constant flow of funny pictures promoting your business will also captivate your audience and spread the word of mouth about your business. There’s nothing better to promote your business and get it booming, so what are you waiting for? 

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