Best websites to learn coding for free practice

Once upon a time coding was the best issue for talents.  Once upon a time the legends like gill gates lead the world through coding. At present we best websites to learn coding for free practice all have an opportunity to learn coding, became programme. Even if you want then you can the best among best. Do you want to be the best regarding programming or coding? Let’s know about ten websites to learn coding.
CODE ACADEMY: the website is and code academy is the unique and best website to learn coding. This site takes the place of the best for its unique general interface and marvelous course planning. Code academy will provide you that course such as web basic, PHP, java script, J query, piton, ruby and API. The one part of the course academy will provide you the function of the code and other part will provide you practice facility.
CODE AVENGERS: the website is and it will create love towards coding. Although this site will provide only HTML 5, CSS 3 and java script course but every course is prepared in such a way so that coding will not create irritation. At the end of every chapter manages some games that will decrease pressure and will help you to go quickly. The codes of code academy are not ver long and there has no unnecessary explanation for the new user.
 CODE SCHOOL WEBSITE: the website is and after completing code academy or code avengers if you want to increase your coding excellence then this website will help you in full swing. Code school provides practical knowledge as well as makes you efficient.
There are four categories of code school. These are:
  • Ruby
  • Java script
  • IOS
TREE HOUSE WEBSITE: the website is and the courses of tree-house emphasize importance project rather than language. For newer it is very unique website. For example: as a part of website course here is preparing responsive website, dynamic website even preparing word press theme and learning which is practical based and effective. For these courses the cost will 25 dollar to 49 dollar.
UDACITY WEBSITE: the website is and those who are not like to read but like to listen from the professional, they can use this website. Discussing about any issue, he website provides you some quiz that will enrich your skill. UDACITY provides practical based video than other websites. For starting coding UDACITY is not perfect rather UDACITY is perfect for virtual university.
CODEHS WEBSITE: the website is www. and the above websites tell about web development and computer related. But CODEHS is quite exceptional. This site is very simple and funny games programming site. Here user can learn java script, data structure, game design and through quiz and puzzle games will help you to learn various subjects. The main benefit of this site is that here you must think as a skilled programmer. For example how coding is applied to remove a dog or how simple problem can be solved through programming etc. you must bear 25 dollar in every month for member of this site.
KHANACADEMY WEBSITE: the website is and this website is not as like as CODEHS rather novice and for newer it is exceptional. You can use this site if you want to learn drawing, animation and so on. This website is not for a particular programming rather many programming tools have been used in this site.
SCRATCH2 WEBSITE: the website is and those who have no skilled on English they can use this site. This website is not for a particular programming rather various topics have been learned through visual blog. Through visual programming block children can divide big programming problem one by one little in size and learn to solve.
SQLZOO WEBSITE: the website is and structured query language is a language that reserves database and use for further use. SQL is perfect to remove your tiredness and boredom as well as you can learn various parts of SQL through user interface. This site will provide you quiz that will help you to solve mini problem and reach you one step to another step gradually.

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