blogging platforms: how to install wordpress on cpanel

 Word press is very famous as management software for website issues. Word press has a lot of demand to get work is outsourcing. Comparatively for website management, web press is very easy. Without knowing programming, user can prepare website through word press.blogging platforms: How to install wordpress on cpanel?
To learn word press first install XAMPP software for your PC and then install word press. To install word press first download XAMPP software from internet. Then install the software. Then start it from apache of XAMPP control panel and clicking start from the right side MYSQL. Then log out Skype and starting through click start button. If any news comes from windows fire wall then click allows access. Now go to the website of http://localhost/phpmyadmin then select the language of English and click database. Click the create button. After setting any name of create database then database has been formed as a name of database.

how to install wordpress

Then from this address download word press and unzip it and paste it C: drive HTDOCS folder. Then click create a configuration file and then click let’s go! If a new page has been opened, then write database in your database name. Write root in username. There is no need to write anything in password. Then click the submit button without writing anything. Then click run the install button and if new page has been opened then write something in site title. Write user name in admin and write two times password in the place of password. Write email address in your email. Now click install word press and you can see that your word press has been installed. Now for login word press go to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php. Here in terms of username write admin and write password in the place of password and click login button and you can enter word press. Then decorate your word press with the help of dashboard by post anything and adding page.

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