Buying new laptop guide & New laptop tips

You may have thought many days to Buying new laptop guide. But you have no proper idea about laptop or don’t know which laptop is perfect for you. So some issues must be considered in terms of new laptop.
Laptop Guide –Design and weight:
If you are visit daily or visit in a specific time then it will better for you a low weight or thickness laptop or Ultrabook for you. You must buy that laptop which is 12 to 13 inches and provides long term charge. If you want to buy laptop for house or office then buy 14 to 15.5 inches laptop. If you are want to laptop for gamer or picture or video editing then you will choose powerful laptop and for this you must need 15.6 to 17 inches laptop. If your laptop wants to use the member of whole house then it will better for you to take corporate model laptop.
laptop guide
Laptop Guide –Brand:
Be careful in terms of buying old laptop and examine warranty. You can trust on familiar brand. During purchasing laptop you must know about the after sale services and the past record of sales. During purchasing laptop please check warranty card, charger, bag and others.
Laptop Guide –Touch screen:
If you want to operate laptop through touch then touch screen laptop will better for you. For example: windows 8 interface style and gesture touch screen developed your experience and easily can use. Besides this it is very helpful to watch movie and documents. You can use touch screen laptop as a keyboard related laptop. In market you can get laptop within 500 dollar. Generally watching cinema, listening song, and internet you can buy low price rate laptop.
Laptop Guide –Storage power:
During purchasing laptop you must remember which amount of data you can store. Now a day in 15.6 inches laptop it is very rare of optical driver. Now instead of hard drive you can use flash based drive SSD.
Laptop Guide –Operating system:
Most of the users are not purchase pre-loaded laptop to save money. As a result, OS and other software are very difficult to install.
Laptop Guide –Size of laptop:
If you want to buy laptop for house or office then it will better to purchase big size laptop. You can benefit in terms of eyes and as well as it facilitates your work.
Laptop Guide –Feature:
It is better for a laptop available of Intel and AMD multi-core. It is necessary to examine about the speed of laptop and USB port. Generally high-resolution laptop is necessary for playing game, video editing and graphics.

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