China facebook alternative & how to access facebook in china

Mark Zuckerberg seems keen to make Facebook the next big thing in the social arena of China as well.China facebook alternative & how to access facebook in china Though it might sound like a next to impossible dream for all social media platforms but not for Zuckerberg. 
As per the reports of few web experts, Facebook is going to enter soon in China; moreover, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ rather it’s about ‘when’. Despite this observation there are few doubts regarding the procedure of data usage and access, whether to become a government tool is the only way to get a foothold in China or is there any other hidden strategy available for Zuckerberg to experiment with. Looks like its more about ‘how?’ than ‘when?’ , the reason being its unwelcoming nature that china has been opposing since decades  and therefore, is quite rigid about banning the social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. Facebook was also rejected in 2009 and since then there has been no progress until now. Mark has been smartly finding channels to communicate the people of china through visiting business school and ultimately persuading the youth with his cool-social-media-platform i.e. Facebook. And his attempt has been successful too. 

It won’t be a cakewalk for Zuckerberg to enter the space that has been off lately strict, but the good news is that there are few ways to work upon so as to get the license such as Zuckerberg has been modifying the policies as per the Chinese government, for example: in case a journalist or activist posts something to be arrested for, then Facebook will be solely responsible. That’s a big thing to compromise with, clearly States that Zuckerberg wants to do this anyhow. Also, the company has been planning to partner with a local company so as to build a strong repo with the government and will help it lead furthermore confidently. 

The entering might go smoothly but the outcome is as unpredictable as the mood swings of the Chinese government. Facebook will surely become as popular in China like it is already in other parts of the world; the only question is whether it would be positive or not-so-positive. As of now, the youth of china seems to be excited about this and hence, it’s going to become a connecting platform for all. Now the government might want to censor it one time or another but overall it will help the Chinese to look around themselves and might change few rigid mindsets, which is too idealistic to think but we are talking about Facebook to enter China, if this can happen then there are hope and scope for some idealism as well. So, all the Facebook users get ready to accept friends request from your native people of China.

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