Comment on Facebook before think properly

In the social communication world like comment is the fact. When we are entering face, we gives like and comment on other profile. But there are some side effects regarding comment. So comment on facebook to think properly before comment on Facebook. What must be thought some information provided by mash ball?
comment on facebook
Is your comment going to your personality?
Remember that this comment goes from your profile. The user can accept this comment as your speech. So think properly is the comment going to your personality or not? if you comment this either fun or other perspective. If you think that your comment is remarkable then comment without any hesitation otherwise skip it.
What are you reading and writing?
To give your own opinion then read thoroughly and maximum read two times before comment.  People can laugh if your comment is not consistent with the post. So read the post and understand it. Then decide whether provide comment or not.
Isn’t it attacking?
Most of the time conflict may occur for different opinion. So it is well to skip comment. So don’t give comment with angry. Because if you delete this comment, screen shot may remain. To skip this best way is that provide no comment.
Will the same comment provide on other?
Provide your comment to read the post but don’t observe whether the other will give the same comment or not. So it is well to read all other comment before give comment. As a result redundancy will not occur.
Will you read the post?
Most of the users provide comment to read other comment without reading the post. As a result a conflict may occur. So if the post takes lot of time so read it and give comment as well as read the link. It may be occurred that after reading the post there is no need to comment. 

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