Comparing graphics cards is to clear knowledge for choosing a graphics card

choosing a graphics card
Graphics card is known as video card, display card or so on. Most of us feel problem about graphics card. Most of us feel hesitant about ATI OR NVIDIA. First I want to tell details about graphics card. Then I tell details about ATI and NVIDIA. You must have clear knowledge about these issues.
  • Chipset
  • Clock speed
  • On board memory
  • Memory bandwidth
  • Display output
  • Fill rating
  • Rendering
  • Pixel shadier

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Chipset: Basically chipset is the combination of two or more chips that will execute to transfer information among memory and various devices of graphics card with computer. The chipset producing company produces new chipset which is more powerful than before chipset. This chip silicon is consisting of semi-conductor and transistor. There are two leading company for graphics card in the market such as one is ATI technologies limited that purchased by AMD (advance micro device) and another is NVIDIA.
Clock speed: As like as processor graphics card has GPU or graphics processing unit which is called clock speed. Clock speed is measured by mega hertz. That means in every circle which amount of pixel can GPU process. So that the greater the clock speed the greater the ability of clock speed. Most of us think that the speed of clock depends on updated model. For example instead of 5800 model graphics card there is no surety that the graphics processing of 6000 model graphics is better than 5800 model graphics. Again the processing unit of 5850 model graphics is better than 6650 model graphics.
Onboard memory: During the operation some memory is needed which is built-in at graphics CARD it is called onboard memory. Most of us think that the speed of graphics card depends on onboard memory. Actually the ability of graphics card doesn’t depend on onboard memory. Its ability depends on chipset and GPU. So because of less memory if more memory is needed during playing game then graphics card will share it from RAM. So it is enough for onboard memory is 512. For example the ability of 1GB 5858 is greater than 2GB 6550 because of the clock speed of 1GB 5850 is greater than 6550.
Memory bandwidth: The amount of speed between GPU and onboard memory is called bandwidth. Following this chart:
Memory type
Clock rate
The greater you are purchasing clock/bandwidth based graphics card, the greater its ability.
Display output: Graphics card is connected with monitor through various ports is called display output. It is mainly connected by three ports.
  1. VGA
  2. DVI
  3. HDMI
VGA port is the old port that transfers digital signal to analog signal and again show it as a digital. As a result the parameter of the picture is not standard. DVI means digital video interface that shows digital signal as an analog signal. As a result the parameter of the picture is standard. Now HDMI means high definition multimedia interface that is the modern port that can show audio and video simultaneously without any change. At present most of the graphics card has three ports.
Fill rate: When pixel helps to fill the display of monitor then the speed rate of the fill is called fill rate. Generally fill rate is measured in graphics card through million pixel per second. But the fill rate of high speed powerful graphics card is maximum 15 billion pixels per second.
Rendering: The game producing company uses some features by their game engine such as anti-analyzing, bump-mapping, pixel shadier that creates the gaming environment default and real.  Every feature supports a specific amount of rendering effect. The greater your graphics card support 3D rendering effect, the greater your gaming environment is default and you can play new game.
Pixel shadier: Pixel shadier is very important those who want to play new game. Pixel shadier is the most important part of the graphics processing unit that creates your game alive through pixel, real and flourishes proper effect. Now a day new game has been used high graphics engine. In this game the main task of the graphics shadier is to create real expression in the game through lighting effect, surface effect, color, and shape. Pixel shadier is the new technology. So those who have old graphics card will not get this feature. For playing new game user must have a graphics card that has maximum pixel shadier 3.0 supported. To know about your graphics card you can download CPU-Z which is called software.

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