Computer Games Has Made The New Generation More Addictive!

Over the years Computer games has drastically changed, from chip based video games to the latest XBOX computer games improved a lot in terms of graphic, content and user Friendliness.  They have made the user craving for more, this feature of computer games has made the new generation more addictive, they are less interested in physical games which is hampering their growth.
Failed initially in 80’s computer games made a comeback in the mid90s and since then they never look back, they became immensely popular, they have become more customized and user friendly, graphics gave them a feeling of real life and thus made them more involved. Like FIFA used to be a game where there were 22 players on the field and one just need to score goals but now user has got all the options available they can select , modify  from teams, players, jerseys, stadiums everything has become customized. There graphics gives user a feeling of a live match.
The latest Xbox games has taken computer games to a all new level where users needs to perform physically to win and gives them a unique experience and a sense of fulfillment . Technological advancement is improving the level of gaming day by day and with every passing year new versions of games are updated in the market. Improving each time some of the upcoming computer games are play station 4, Xbox one are the latest example.
Some of these computer games are making kids more violent and less interested in other works such as studies, which is affecting their decision-making ability, there thinking directly. So there is a need of balancing the act and users should be more inspired towards physical sports which will contribute in their overall development.

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