Become a computer hardware expert | Everything you should know about computers hardware

If you want to become a computer hardware expert, you will know the every think about computer. You should have knew about computer hardware and software. You have to connect with internet, because in present, internet is the most literate one. Remember it is a time taken matter. In following, show the ways to become a computer hardware expert:
1. People who want to become a computer hardware expert, he have to know the basic of computer.
2. You should learn step by step. It is better to start you learning with windows operating system. Start with the basic matters, then learn to work about the windows registry.
3. Then you have to learn about the basic programming language C. You shouldn’t have to stop learning in the mid stage.
4. Then learn about windows programming with Visual Studio 6.0.
5. This is the time to enter the Linex. Fedora or Ebert both are the good option to learn windows programming.
6. Attentively learn about screaping. As much as possible, remember these comment. For this, suggest to use ‘VI’ rather than ‘Auto’.
7. After crossing the upper steps then you can join a computer hardware or computer networking course.
8. Keep knowledge about the structure of computer and operating systems.
9. Now, you are able to choose the ways to become a computer hardware expert, just you need to practice more and more.
10. After crossing the above all steps, now you are able to solve computer’s basic troubleshoot and the basic computer hardware problems.
Last word: Keep trying, hopeful 100% success will come.

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