If you’ve been having snapshots of yourself tirelessly using the computer in your dreams, if you cannot wait to get your hands on the keyboard, grip the mouse and face the monitor or if you cannot get your head straight because all you want to do is to surf the internet, play games and do everything you want to do online, perhaps you have been infected with what is called “computer mania”.
Computer mania may be characterized as a psychological phenomenon where someone has developed an insatiable fondness with computers. It can range from using the computer all day just for playing games, watching videos and clips and exploring PC programs to impulsive online buying and endless visiting of many social media platforms where you connect with both friends and strangers. What makes computer mania as something disadvantageous is when it becomes addictive. This happens when someone chooses to postpone things that he has planned to do or when he does not feel the need to do any other thing anymore apart from indulging himself with the computer. 
The common causes for computer mania are mostly associated with one person’s social tendencies and how he interacts with people around him. It can also be associated with anxiety from day to day living, occasional rejection from either work, family or friends.
Computer mania, being a self-imposed psychological state, can be treated by actions of both the person experiencing it and the people around him. Intervention from surrounding people can be done through support groups, mentoring, and advice sessions. The most effective tool however is the one initiated by the person himself. When he sets his attention and focus to new things, he can jump from this addiction to do more things that matter in his life.

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