My computer screen is black how do i fix it

One day after opening my computer, I see my computer screen is black how do i fix it see that my computer not booting up! how to reboot my computer in safe mode. It is the common problem for us not to boot our computer. There are many causes not to boot our computer.
At present most of the problem can be solved through troubleshooting in the modern operating system. But for the old operating system especially in windows XP, troubleshoot means failure.
Thinks fast: If you are seeing that during starting your computer, your computer is not boot then the first thing is that you must remind what types of changes you took for your computer and it may install any driver or uninstall any driver or attach any hardware. It may be you took any change by opening the casing of your computer. By the way, if you are able to remind your last activity then it is very for you to take troubleshoot. if you are installing hardware for the last time then by removing that you can solve your problem.
The power of the computer is not on If your computer is not opened totally then the first thing for your computer is to check all the power cables of the computer. If your computer is desktop then check plug in at the last corner of a power outlet and after this if your problem is not solved then you can check the connection of that cable with power supply. If all of these things are right then you can check problem between the power cord and motherboard. By doing all of these if your computer is not boot then you can think that your power supply has been damaged. Most of the time it may occur that your computer is taking boot properly but for your damage monitor, you can’t see this. In this case, check the VGA and monitor for your monitor.
No bootable device error: Suppose your computer is on but during boot you are showed “no bootable device” or showed other disk error message then you may think that in which drive of your hard drive where you installed your operating system from that place your computer system is unable to read this. In this case by entering BIOS or UEFI farm where to check your boot settings, check whether the hard disk is kept or not at boot order. Ensure that from hard disk possible to boot the operating system.
After completing the entire task if you see that you are getting the same message then you can assume that a severe problem has been created on your hard drive. If any file is missing then the installation media of windows you can see start repair by inserting your computer. As a result, you can retrieve the missing files of windows again. Besides this, you can try to fix the boot loader problem of windows manually.
Windows becomes freeze or crash during boot: Suppose you computer is taking boot but the problem is that during booting process it become freeze or crash. This problem may create for hardware or software related problem. If this problem is created for software related problem then you can solve your problem through startup repairing operation. If you are unable to solve this problem from boot menu then you can solve this problem through recovery disk or insert windows installation disk in your computer. After performing these entire if your problem is not solved then you can install the fresh copy of windows. If you are facing problem during startup repair or windows installation then you can assume that your problem is in hardware. Because most of the time this type of problem is related to hardware.
Blue-screen problem: The blue screen problem of windows is a common problem. In this problem hardware or software may be attached. On the other hand buggy or malware related any driver creates this problem. To examine this starting a safe mode for your computer. In safe mode windows will not load any type program which is opened automatically or any type of typical hardware driver. If you see that your computer is stable in safe mode then uninstalls all of these which are installed recently. Then performed a system restore and check malware. If all of these are ok then we can expect that your computer problem will remove. If this problem is not removed then you can install the fresh copy of windows.
Last lecture: Most of the problems it may be software related, solve that through system recovery or restore. If you are unable to solve this problem then you can install the fresh copy of windows. After this if your problem is not solved then your problem must hardware related and it is necessary for you to go to service center.

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