Computer users wrong ideas

There are computer users wrong ideas. Sometimes these ideas are very funny too. Here I present some funny wrong ideas to you.
Computer Hacker is ready to hack your computer
Hacker is ready to hack your computer: yes, it is true that your internet connected computer can be hacked in many ways. Various malware is spread in the internet and social engineering skims that can easily harm by a computer user. But as like as Hollywood movie the hacker is ready to hack your computer sitting from home and this issue is not such kind of this. Those attacks have occurred in our computer are mainly automated. Generally, you computer can be attacked by malware when you are connected to the internet that is able to steal your personal information as well as a log of your strokes. Most of the time you can get an email that mainly tries to steal credit card number, bank details and social security number of the user. But anyone hacker tries to enter your computer to find security hole from his terminal by writing command. If anything searches your security hole to enter your computer then probably it may observe more than the unpatched computer. But if you become a special man or high-value target such as the member of govt. agency or a business man then hacker may stick to you. But if you are general public then the hacker will not waste his time to involve with you.
Safe freeware download sites of windows: day by day the freeware download sites of windows become noxious. Even the most famous site called SOURCE FORG is getting noxious day by day. Once upon a time, the micro-torrent client application was famous to the Greeks but now a day it has been using bundle software. In a word the free software download sites for windows is become abjected day by day. The download site for big freeware such as, soft-podia, file hippo and source forge attached individual garbage for their free-wares. The most exasperate issue is that the famous freeware sites add their own installer. From the conversation of major geeks, we know that if he is not added junk software with free malware then at the last of a day his site will become blank. So the day of download without tension is ended, to clean computer and fast it is necessary for you to download consciously and read carefully before install anything.
The computer must turn off at night: most of the user turned off their computer at night. It is a wrong idea among all that before sleeping at night it is necessary to turn off a computer. But the computer that you are using is very smart rather than you. Only you are lag behind. Before sleeping at night without turn off you can take sleep option for your computer. It will not consume any kind of power and you can use it anytime when you need. The performance of sleep task can be accomplished easily by downloading lead. Besides this hiver net mode and low power sleep are also remained in the powerful desktop computer. If you want you can set hiver mode option is such a way that after a specific period of time you computer will become hiver net automatically and as a result your computer will not consume any kind of power. As a result, you will not need to waste your time and an emergency situation your computer turn on automatically.
Automatic update is harmful to your computer: most of us have the wrong idea about an automatic update of windows. Most of us have very bad experience that’s why most of the users turned off automatic update. Because they thought that automatic update may become ineffective of their computer. Yes, but of the time, some auto update is harmful to your computer. The overall automatic update is very useful for your computer. The main objective of auto update is to create more secure of these holes so that computer is not affected by a virus. As well as various new additions have been attached with new automatic update that is very helpful for your computer to increase speed.
Internet explorer is very bad: among the computer users’ internet explorer is very funny. To revive from this criticize windows has been attached new operating system AGE with their new operating system windows 10. This change of internet explorer 9 has been created dramatically. The new two version of internet explorer 10 and 11 provides better service. The new version of internet explorer supports HTML standard among this speedy javascript engine. As well as internet explorer has “protected sandbox mode” and multi-process design that is not present in Mozilla Firefox. Even from some recent test we can know that internet explorer creates less drain battery than chrome, opera, and Firefox.
It is unnecessary to emphasize more pressure on RAM:  most of us think that the more we use ram, the more it creates pressure on our computer. Most of the operating system used RAM resources and it is not only for windows but also Linux, MAC, and OS. As well as computers’ web browser also used a lot of resources. But this is not a bed issue rather when your ram has the maximum amount of data then that data is very easy to read. In this case, most of the running application uses ram resources. If you are keeping your ram unused then it will very foolish task and a wanton for your ram. If you are not using ram then the resources of ram will became unused and it is not a plus point for your computer. It merely dissipates. So we must come out from this wrong idea and must ensure proper use of your RAM. As a result, your time will save.
Codec is needed to see the video in online: yes, once upon a time codec was needed to see the video in online. But at that time, you had no smart phone. By the way on that time, people used quick time, real player, widows’ media player, and VIVX. Even java had been used for watching TV and after some days, Microsoft silver light takes the place. But now a day, most of the videos are possible to see through HTML 5 video feature of that browsers’ integrated or adobe flash player is enough for this. Although a small number website used silver light. But the aspect is that now a day to see video from online there is no need to install the codec. Your browser is able to show instant video by one click that you get from social media, website or email. If any website asks you to install any codec file then you will not install this because of most of the time it will junk file.
Your antivirus keeps always you from malware:  now a day most of the users know that the present antivirus is not performed perfectly. But there are many users still now depend on antivirus. But you shout know that your antivirus does not protect you fully. Most of the time we see that users have paid antivirus but the computer is affected by malware. On the other hand, user has no antivirus but the computer is fully protected. So I want to tell you that it is unnecessary to fully depend on antivirus rather than it is assumed as a light level of security. Mainly you must careful in this case.
The computer runs fast after clearing cache: yes, but the speed of a computer is slightly changed rather than your browser became slow after the cache clear. We are browsing some data is stored in a cache of the various site so that next time if you want find this data then we will get those data from cache. As a result, browser becomes faster. Now if you are clear cache then your browser will download same data and it will spend your data volume as well as time.

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