Considering resolution, dot pitch and refresh rate | CRT PC Monitor

Whether for CRT PC monitor or flat-panel, screen clarity depends on three qualities: resolution, dot pitch, and refresh rate.
Resolution: The clarity or sharpness of a display screen is called its resolution; the more pixels there are per square inch, the better the resolution. Resolution is expressed in terms of the formula horizontal pixels × vertical pixels. A screen with 640 × 480 pixels multiplied together equals 307,200 pixels. This screen will be less clear and sharp than a screen with 800 × 600 (equals 480,000) or 1024 × 768 (equals 768,432) pixels.
Dot pitch: Dot pitch is the amount of space between pixels; the closer the dots, the crisper and the image.
Refresh rate: Refresh rate is the number of times per second that the pixels are recharged so that their glow remains bright. In dual-scan screens, the tops and bottoms of the screens are refreshed independently at twice the rate of single-scan screens, producing more clarity and richer colors.

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