Deep Freeze – salvation from a virus!

Deep freeze antivirus to use the virus to get salvation from trouble. The biggest problem is the virus of computer users. We normally use to get rid of the virus. But there are various problems in the use of anti-virus software. The slow speed of the computer allows the use of anti-virus software. Deep freeze the use of such a software windows will be 100% safe. Definitely will not slow computer speed? Deep freeze to scan documents without the hassle and you do not have the virus.
Deep Freeze - salvation from a virus

Deep freeze and of what works: 
Deep freeze is software {}
Deep freeze at any file on the computer to save the file, and then he will restart. Delete any files that are stored on the computer when you restart the file can get it back. In short, why not changes anything as Deep freeze restart the computer, the computer will return to it again.
If you ever get a virus on the computer, turn on the restart abroad and it is not anymore, is utterly fresh restart.
Deep freeze to set up the rules:
• A drive with your windows setup that has the drive from Deep freeze setup this link.
• Deep freeze setup the computer to format it better be. Deep freeze setup not all the computer drives (C, D, E, F driver) with a check mark will appear.
• Have windows setup computers that drive the rest of the drives by UN-checking the drive to complete the setup.
Restart after a dialog box ok with the password lock. Deep freeze setup since it cannot be easily Remove. So I set out well before the use of :{}।
• If you need to set up Center or Deep freeze open or save the file, the drive is not in the refrigerator can save files to the drive.
• Shift key and click on the icon in the taskbar, Deep freeze. A dialog box will appear. Password and click ok.
• Boot thawed twice.
Deep freeze the rules to save the setup file, or select Open and frozen. Restart the computer will return to the fridge.
Deep freeze the opening of the conventions:
• If you ever need to open your Deep freeze. Deep freeze the Shift key while double-clicking the icon in the password window will appear.
• Restart the password with the boot Thai Ward, Subsequent to the end you need to re-checked in the same manner restart the frozen boots.
• Deep freeze your PC will be like the previous one.
Deep Freeze Dry to do, he will lock the drive so that any file saved will be the drive. So, if you want to save the file to save the other drive. Deep Freeze to save all the files that you want to open them using Deep freeze if the virus will not have any benefit. Save the file, you want to scan it with trusted antivirus software to remove a virus. Cybercafés it is very useful.

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