How to delete facebook messages on android phone

If your id hacks unfortunately then disclose your all personal information. Anyone can blackmail you getting your personal information. Because the Facebook id hacks is increasing day by day and we are responsible for this. Have you think due to carelessness your id been hacked? Now let’s know how to delete facebook messages on android phone.
As a result, a great loss has been occurred. For this reason, we should delete our all messages. It takes time-consuming if you delete the message one by one. Today I show you how to delete the message with one click. So let’s start-
Necessary things:
·         Google chrome browser
·         A browser extension
How to delete all messages with one click:
In your browser if the extension of delete all messages Facebook is added correctly then you login Facebook with the Google chrome browser and follow the following direction.
·         Click the menu bar from left side.
·         If the message page is opened then take out all the messages through scrolling.
·         You can show the icon of the extension in browser address bar.
·         Click the icon and you can see some option and from those options you click the launch option which is green background.
·         Starting delete your messages and wait patiently. Within 10 minutes all the messages have been deleted.

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