Desk accessories ideas for office and PIMs

Desk accessories ideas:

Is there any need to have an electronic version of the traditional appointment calendar, clock, and file of phone numbers and addresses? Many people find ready uses for this kind of software, called desktop accessories or PIMs.desk accessories ideas for office
Desktop accessories: A desk accessories ideas for office or desktop organizer, is a software package that provides an electronic version of tools or objects commonly found on a desktop: calendar, card file, calculator, and notepad. Some desktop-accessory programs come as standard equipment with some s system software (such as on Microsoft’s Windows). Others, such as Borland’s sidekick or lotus agenda, are available as different programs to run in your computers primary storage at the same time you are running other software.
Some are principally scheduling and calendar programs: their main purpose is to enable you to do time and event scheduling. Suppose, for example, you are working on a word processing document and someone calls to schedule lunch next week. You can simply type a command that “ pops” up your appointment calendar, type in the appointment, save the information, and then return to your interrupted work. Other features such as a calculator keypad, a scratch pad” for typing in notes to yourself, and a rolodex-type address and phone dire screen when needed.
PIMs: A more sophisticated program is the PIM, or personal information manager, a combination word processor, database, and desktop accessory program that organizes a variety of information. Examples of PIMs are Ascend, CA-Up-to-date,  Day Maker organizer, Datebook pro, Instant Recall, Lotus Organizer, On Time for Windows, and personal Reminder System.

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