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At present most of the user use operating system based phone smartphone. But most Dictionary app for android of us have no idea about the different parts of android. Considering new user here presenting android dictionary.
android dictonary
Android is an operating system. Android is the operating system for the Smartphone or tablet as like as windows, Linux, UBUNTU mint and Mac that we used in our PC. There are also many versions of android as like as windows. The latest version of the android is android ginger bread 2.3 to 2.4, android ice cream sandwich 4.0, and android jelly bean 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3. The search giant Google is the head of android. On the basis of Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola, Google has been released their new version. On the other hand Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola have separate user interface. Because of according to their own wish android developer can form the face of the android. Now Google has been released the new version called KITKAT which the originated from the Nestlé’s famous candy bar KITKAT.
It is the short form of assisted GPS. In which device this technology has present, then the GPS of those device can detect the position. For this work this technology has been taken into mobile.
The installable file extension for android. Windows user install different software through .exe file then the android user can install application file through .APK file.
It is used to send command from PC or laptop to the android device. It is the android debug bridge.
Android market:
It is known as Google play store. Here user can get all types of applications.
ANDROID OPEN KANG PROJECT and it is the custom ROM developer group. The main function of this group is to develop open source and customized android to release custom ROM for the android device.
Boot loader:
Boot loader is the part of internal memory that runs on the operating system of the phone. Before starting operating system to bring small change, device may become root. As well as to use custom ROM, it is needed to unlock boot loader. As a result for this function the warranty of the device has been canceled. Then warranty can be return by turned on boot loader.
Which is not come with device is called custom.
Custom ROM:
Without the android device producing firm that means Google which ROM is downloaded from the internet is called custom ROM.
Customized means setting the device according to the user own way. By rooting the device the clock speed of CPU can increase or decrease according to the user.
Your device is largely depending on central processing unit. It controls how your device performs quickly.
The external memory slot means the place for separate memory card.
The term flash means custom ROM, recovery image etc and the ROM that remains in the internal memory or changing the part of any software and install newly.
Fast boot:
It is another mode of boot loader, and you can flash as your own by customized manually.
The term FC means force close and you can see this writing when any app close automatically after crash.
It is the short form of graphics processing unit. The function of GPU is to process that come in your display that means it is one kind of processor that only process graphics such as game, movie etc. on the basis of GPU user can play powerful movie or game.
Google Now:
It is the Google search app that detects your position.
Google wallet:
It is known as virtual money bag where user can buy different service including play store.
Gorilla glass:
It is the scratch resistance glass that has been used most of the mobile and tab and it is made from corning.
THE TERM GPS means global positioning system. Through GPS satellite your friend can find your trace if you stay any part of the world.
The term hacking means in android system is adding new customization.
Hard reset:
It is the process through which in operating system factory of your phone bring the older position. If you do this then all of your data, logins and password will erase.
It is also known as operating system which is used in IPHONE, IPOD TOUCH AND various versions of IPAD. It is assumed the main competitor of the Google’s android operating system.
The term IMEI means “international mobile equipment identity”. In every smartphone there has a present unique identification that helps to detect the phone.
The term IPS means “in plain switching”. It is mainly related to display. It gives you the best angle view and color. At first it has been used in IPHONE and now it has been used all android based high range smartphone.
Pc and various device kernels are things that create combination between hardware and operating system. In terms of mobile when you touch any application then where the touch occurred and what command it has and this command is send to the hardware by the kernel. The operating system of android and tablet Linux is prepared based on kernel.
The harmful program that can send the information to the hacker or the full control of the device can give to the hacker.
Over clock:
The speed of the processor has been increased than normal speed is called over clock. But there will a possibility to damage the device if the user over clock the device with access.
The term OTG means on the go. It is a specialize cable through which keyboard, mouse, pen drive and game pad can operate in OTG supported android device.
It is a black and white bar code. When it is scan through smart phone then it opens a web link, it opens the application’s downloaded market etc.
It is known as again phone boot. There are two types of reset such as soft and hard. Soft reset pulls the battery through phone switch on and off. Hard reset factory is known as reset. You will lose all of your information if you use factory reset. Generally factory reset is needed when the phone become slowly, something has crushed or pattern lock is not open.
Recovery mode:
Recovery mode has been used in phone or tab to perform any administrative work. In the starting of phone or tab recovery mode must boot. Generally a simple recovery mode is given in an unlock boot loader. But to perform a lot of task custom mode is useful.
The term SDK means software development kit. It is specialized tool kit through which various applications can be developed through android platform.
In display world AMOLED is one and unique. Super AMOLED is its next version. It is brighter than AMOLED, more battery saver and reflect less light. Samsung was the first using AMOLED display.
Super AMOLED plus:
In super AMOLED plus, there are more 50% sub pixel and added RGB matrix. As a result it is now thin, bright and more effective. The main attraction of Samsung galaxy S4 is super AMOLED plus display.
The term tweak means to bring some little change at device.
Under clock:
The process through which working power of processor has been decreased is called under lock. When the phone is remaining idle then decreasing the work load of the processor to increase the backup of the battery is called under clock.

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