Different types of computer problems and solution

Malware problem: we know that advanced users know the solution of the problem. But we can’t say that they have no problem or they face no problem. For example, they can face a malware problem also. An extreme user knows very well about malware and to protect malware he takes proper step also. For this reason, they are not attacked by malware. But for a normal user malware problem can become a great hazard.

You may astonish to know that in widows desktop there are more than 50 separate extensions where malware can attack and create a great loss for your PC. Malware not only attack in desktop PC but also it can attack MAC, ANDROID, and OPERATING SYSTEM. The incident of Mac malware attack is very rare. Because of by default Mac is setting in such a way that it only runs identified developers software. On the other hand, for windows, you can prepare software yourself and you can apply it in your PC. Without this, there have many third party app developer on the internet. Android malware is very rare but those who are download non-verified third party or cracked app from Google play store.   
Malware problem
Boltware problem: if you are using new Mac, chrome book, I-pad, android tablet, Linux laptop or surface where you can use windows RT then you will get a fully new bolt-ware are the free device. At the first stage, these systems remain as like as blank plate that will ready to install new software. On the other hand, if you are using a new windows PC then the whole system will become uneasy to you. Far from happy, you must face windows re-install, driver install for every hardware or uninstall useless bolt-ware one after one. Not only these but also you must clean registration after removing bolt-ware and sometimes erase icon manually. From this viewpoint, using windows desktop for a new user is very easy as well as irritating also.
Finding a new program for desktop is very dangerous also: do you want to install a program for your windows? For this, you must go through a process to find this program with the help of web browser. There are many sites those who are reputed but they will permit you to install software directly and they will force to install the app from their own site. And the installer of that third party is filled with adware. For a new user which websites give the opportunity to download the app without any hassle take too much time to know this. By giving opportunity is as like as android’s play store, the user can easily install and use secure apps. In windows 8 this option has been added but it is not enriched enough. So the risk is still now sustaining.
Reputed desktop programs installed junk: not only new or less reputed programs but also sometimes very reputed programs installed junk also. During program installation, this junk files are installed by that programs and a user is not inspecting this during installation, and a new user depends on only “next”. The matter is such that if license agreement says “after installing this app, your computer may attack with malware”- then probably we will press ‘next’ button. Because most of the users are not conscious during program installation. These reputed programs installed various adware and browser toolbar as a junk. Another common issue is changing your home page and browser’s default search engine. Actually, it is unwise to accuse of the third party, because of the own product of Microsoft Skype tries to install junk. When you ill try to install Skype on your PC then you can see that it wants to change your home page and browser’s default search engine. Again we can say famous media player KMP. It also tries to install a toolbar. I hope that from now when you are installing any program then you must try to understand every issue then install the software otherwise not.
The update process is slightly troublesome: IOS, ANDROID etc these operating systems, the update of every software’s comes from a single place and it is the app store. Regarding Linux, these software update comes from the package manager. Regarding MAC and OS, the update of this software’s come from MAC app store but regarding windows?  In windows desktop the update process of various software is not so troublesome and in this case separate mechanism is required for this.  If a user wants to update then he must track his installed software and update each software manually. Sometimes it may occur that after install software it is unable to work with another program. And most of the time there is no user review in this software.
Security is hampered because of browser plug-in: you may probably know that other modern operating system such as IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS PHONE- their system does not allow any browser plug-in. These are only allowed the flash player and these are supplying that flash player in this system in a built-in way. The main cause is not the plug-in browser that security hole is opened by browser plug-in and system can attack by malware easily. We can see that browser’s plug-in has been performed as an attack vector of popular malware.  Even the java plug-in of oracle also tries to install harmful ask toolbar when it installed the security update.
update process is slightly troublesome
Low batter life: the battery life of windows PC is always worse than IOS DEVICE, ANDROID TABLET, and MAC. Even the battery life Microsoft’s own product ‘surface pro 2’is not well. Apple’s 11 inches Mac book air that configuration is as like as ‘surface pro 2’ provides a better life than ‘surface pro 2’. This test has been occurred only for web browsing. Therefore, the user has the complaint against Microsoft for low hardware and using the low optimized driver.
Low batter life
Windows users clipped with old windows: if you have an android device then you may obviously know that there is no need of money to upgrade your software, the new version of android has been installed by the own way if your device is suited for this. The same task we can see in MAC, IOS. But we can’t see it windows. Every new version of windows operating system must buy. Most of the countries use windows operating system through buy. But when a windows XP user wants to go windows 7 then a user must pay for windows 7.
Windows users clipped with old windows

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