Disclose the samsung galaxy j5 information

Some new devices of Samsung have been entered in the market that the user already know and among them Samsung galaxy j5. For a mid-level user, it is the good news because it is the medium standard device. If they want they can see the whole qualifications of the Samsung galaxy j5 and for this news we are truly grateful to the certificate provider organization of china named TINA.
The previous day some pictures of the galaxy j5 have come in Sam mobile. But there is no cause to astonish to see this picture. Because of that the news already you know and this news will not give you extra news. The disclose information is similar to the news and pictures.
That means in Samsung galaxy j5 has 5” display, 1.2 gigahertz quad core dragon 410 chipset, 1.5 gigabyte ram, 8 gigabyte storage and a micro SD card slot as well as 2600 mile AMPHIRE hour battery, front camera 5 megapixel and back camera 13 megapixel.
But we still don’t know when this phone will come in market. This news only knows some officials of the Samsung.

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