Discuss about computer home hardware store and different types of home hardware.

Computer home hardware can be divided into five categories:
1) Input
2) Processing
3) Storage
4) Output
5) Communications
Common input home hardware devices are the keyboard and the mouse. processing and memory home hardware components include the central processing unit (CPU) and main memory (RAM). Storage home hardware stores data and information in a relatively permanent  form, as on disk, output home hardware provides information printed out on paper or displayed on a computer screen. 
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Communication home hardware, such as modems, facilitates the connections between individual computers and groups of computers.
computer home hardware store

Home Hardware Store: Input home hardware
The function of input home hardware is to collect data and convert it into a form suitable for computer processing. The most common input home hardware device is a keyboard. Another common input home hardware device is the mouse.
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Home Hardware Store: Processing home hardware

The function of processing home hardware is to retrieve and execute instructions provided to the computer. Processing may consist of performing calculations and other logical activities, such as comparing sales figures to see which musical instruments or which sales people have higher sales. Here, the central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. It reads and interprets software and coordinates the processing activities that must take place. Main memory can be thought of as an electronic desktop. Main memory is also called random access memory (RAM), internal memory, primary storage, or just memory. All instructions and or data ready for processing are held in memory.
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Home Hardware Store: Storage home hardware  

The function of storage home hardware is to provide a means of storing software and data in a form that is relatively permanent, or nonvolatile  -that is, the data is not lost when the power is turned off -and easy to retrieve when needed for processing.
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Home Hardware Store: Output home hardware

The function of output hardware is to provide the user with the means to view information produced by the computer system. The jumble of unorganized sales figures now processed into meaningful form is displayed on a computer screen or printed out on paper.
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Home Hardware Store: Communications home hardware

The function of communications hardware is to facilitate the connections between computers and between groups of connected computers. You could then use the data to create a summary report. Common communications home hardware components are the modem, cable, and fax modem.


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