Do you know the world’s most valuable computer?

From my opinion, most of the users pass 10-18 hours with computer. Most of the users have no any knowledge about the world’s most valuable computer. In modern science and technology computer is the valuable device.
         Decadent display: In the modern era it is the most valuable computer. This computer used 15 screens and you can increase its display about 30. The actual cost of the computer is 8 million dollar. The configuration of this computer is very high. In computer technology, it brings about a greater change.
     Tulip E-Go:  in this computer using 80 karats white gold. The value of the platinum and white gold is very high so the price of the computer is 3, 55,000 US dollar.
     Trivia EPC: This computer is fully hand made without some parts. The price of this computer is 55,000 US dollar.
     Apple G52: In this computer has 16-gigabyte ram and 1 terabyte hard disk. The price of central processing unit of this computer is 25,000 US dollar which is made by apple. The body of this computer made by aluminum.

Voodoo OMEN: In this computer have 4-gigabyte ram and 2 terabyte hard disk, as well as dual core processor. The estimated price of this computer was 24,000 dollar.

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