Download Facebook Video With Facebook Video Downloader

The Facebook Video Downloader is a simple application that helps users download videos from Facebook very easily. This important application has a very easy to use interface that is less complicated that the interface of any other video downloader.
The Facebook Video Downloader is a simple program that allows you to download videos from Facebook with just one simple click.  The program is simply a desktop app that catches any Facebook web-links (including mp4 videos) that you either copy and paste from your clipboard, or simply type on the slot provided. You just start up the The Facebook Video Downloader application, copy the URL of the Facebook video that you want and click the download button. The good news is that this program can actually detect the URL of mp4 videos automatically. After hitting the download button, you will be asked to select the destination location and that is that. Easy; right? The download process is quite easy and swift, but this also depends on the performance of the computer that you are using.
The Facebook Video Downloader program displays different qualities of videos. It also allows you to open and save videos as mp3 format. Like many other download programs, there is a progress bar that allows you to check the time remaining for the download to finish. The Facebook video downloader also allows you to download video files and then convert them to mp4 formats. It is clear that after downloading the video, you can watch it offline without any problems. The voice and video quality is simply epic to say the least.
The Facebook video downloader is a handy tool that every Facebook user needs to have. It is open to the range of users since there is no limit to the number of videos you can download. For all Facebook video downloads, the Facebook Video Downloader would be a great choice.

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