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Having the right tool makes any job easier than it is, and this also increases the chances of getting more accurate results. The Free Download Manager is a superb program that is produced under GNU’s public license. If you have used BitTorrent, then you are aware of how effective its protocol is, and this is the same protocol used in the Free Download Manager. To make the view of your downloads easier to read, the Free Download Manager arranges them in a list. You can see the ongoing downloads and their progress and also the completed and successful downloads. A new trait of this feature that comes with this download manager is that you can create new downloads remotely. Easy, right?
In case you need to use the Free Download Manager on multiple computers, you do not have to install and configure the program on each of the computers; as is the case with most programs. All you are needed to do is to create its portable version and use it. Most download managers are so lame that you have to finish the whole download so that you can you can preview the files. However, with the Free Download Manager, you can preview any video or audio files before the download process is over. Afterwards you just have to convert the file formats after the download has finished. If you have a problem with slow downloads, then you should consider installing Free Download Manager. When downloading files, this program splits the file into portions and proceeds to download the portions simultaneously. This boosts you download speeds in considerable proportions, regardless of the internet speed.
Many download managers terminate downloads when there is an interruption on the progress. However, the Free Download Manager saves the progress of this broken downloads and all you have to do is resume the download when you have solved the interruption.The most important feature of the Free Download Manager is that it is compatible with almost all browsers. You do not have to change browsers any time you need to use the program, this makes the app even more efficient compared to other download managers.
If you are still wondering what you have to pay to enjoy these great features, here is the good news; the Free Download Manager is free and comes with no malware whatsoever. You just have to download the app, and start enjoying what you have been missing.

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